The Romantic Dinner

Hello there! Happy to bring a new home post today featuring some new and amazing things from Aphrodite. This nice dining set is called Aphrodite Argentinian table set with mini BBQ and more! The perfect set for a romantic dinner at home or a special place. It comes with the dinner table chairs, mini bbq and food. But, you cannot have dinner without a drink so this summer drink trolley is perfect for that. You get several different drink options. I added curtains on the patio to make it a little more dramatic and have the focus on the table area. The perfectionist in me looks back and says maybe I should have made them black. So I just got online and changed the curtains lol! So I am posting later than normal. The white was just too much white. Ocd can be a real beast yall. I am so serious lol. I think the heat is getting to me or something since it's so hot.

Thank you for stopping by! I will be posting some more new releases. So stay tuned for that also!I have all of the credits below!

 Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Argentinian table set with mini BBQ and more, - Aphrodite shop-
Marketplace listing-

"Summer drinks" Service cart-

"Summer Flowers" Fountain White-
Parasol & Rug-Apple Fall
Curtains- Kalopsia & Bazar


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