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Hello there! I am excited to bring a new fashion post today! I have some amazing new items to show off today! My awesome hair is from booN of course!! No one makes better braids and dreads better than booN and I love them all! This style is brand new and will look hot on male or female. There is also another new hair out so have a peek at the store and get some demoes you will not regret it. My leggings are brand new from Apple May Designs (AMD) for The Black dot project event. They come in several colors of course and comes in standard sizing plus two fitted mesh sizes. There is also a demo of them available. I am wearing the leggings in the copper shade in the medium size. You can change the color of the zipper and bow on these leggings by a easy to use hud. I am here at the fruitatious sim. I am by the rustic homes Apple put out and decorated. The only difference you will see is I took my dog with me when I left lol. I was going to wear my pugglie from birdy but it was just too cute for my look today.  I am not in a kawaii mood today. I did dust off my owl pet. I wear him every so often and I love taking him all over the place with me. I have my sounds off so I don't hear him saying who all day since I cannot turn his sound off lol.

These pictures made me decrease my boob size. They had been getting me too much attention and when I first took my pics I was like whoa!! lol So I now have a reduction and I am happy. I really think this shirt makes them look way larger than they are. I will see how I look when I throw on some layer outfit or something another time. Anyway enough about my boobage! I hope everyone is having an amazing week! I have some home posts to get out. I am almost running out of houses. Well houses I want to use lol. Like always I want to thank you for stopping by! I always have more coming soon so stay tuned!! <33

                                                                 Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Vibrant Leggings- Apple May Designs- The black dot project-
Hair (NEW) - booN-
Owl- Beetlebones- rare gacha item
Jewelry- Random matter, Ryca, RealEvil & Pomposity
Shoes- Chunky Heels- Cynful-
Bra top- Blueberry - (I keep thinking this place is called Burberry! lol)
Poses- Pose+ivity
Location- Fruitatious sim-


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