In the Moment

Bringing a new fashion post today. I just changed for the day and this hair from booN called to me. I think all women on here fuss with what hair to wear everyday. The one that fits your face just perfect right? Well this one covers damn near my whole face and it's hot. I hated to move past a week for blog posts but there was no way around it. But I feel better because it really is a normal thing for bloggers to take some time before you get all burnt out. I never had  a plan of being an every day blogger. But for some time I have kept them coming almost daily for a long time. I will be cutting back a little on daily posts in the near future as working on my storefront and other things just won't permit it at this time. But it will stay updated. I won't just go away lol. My dress is from Cynful and there is a billion colors available so I went with the one that fit my mood best today. You can change the back piece to a billion different colors also. So you can easily add some uniqueness to your outfit. Since I am decked out in gold I used the tone closest to my jewelry. Today is such a beautiful day. I am happy that it is Friday!!! I haven't checked the weather but I hope it will be nice like it was last weekend.

 I wasn't sure if I wanted to do another fashion post but I hadn't really done many lately and wanted to do another one! I was trying to do 5 posts a week but I have some projects I am working on at the moment and I just couldn't keep up. You get busy in rl and when you are on sl time just goes by so fast and I just can't just throw anything together and go with it. I like taking my time and making my posts 100% before I post them. So, I will post as much as my time allows me I will say that. I hope everyone is having an amazing week! Thank you for stopping by as always! I truly appreciate the views and feedback. I really enjoy blogging and doing things on here that I believe help expand my creativity on here and I thank you for being a part of that. More to come so stay tuned. <3

                                                           Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Dress: Sexy back dress- Cynful
Hair: booN
Jewelry- Chop Zuey
Fur Stole- David Heather
Cigar- Nikotin
Shoes- Moda
Poses- aerial back poses and poseitivity


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