Green acres pt.Two

Hello!! Happy to bring you the 2nd and final part of my Green acres series! True shotgun styled house as you can see or shoot from one end to the other! I set this up as a cute studio home with living room and bedroom areas. I also added a divider to separate the two spaces a little bit. The main living area has a comfy sofa and table area. This would be the perfect weekend or getaway home. Maybe even a nice office. It is only 45 Land impact and you can drop a some crazy high land impact items in here but I don't think I have anything in this space over 8 land impact. I wanted this space to feel cozy and but of course I had to add some chandeliers. It just wouldn't be me without some big light fixtures.

The bedroom space is simple. I added some curtains,wall décor, night stand and a lamp. Oh can't forget my awesome rugs! I was going to do a normal side view of the bedroom but decided to hover over a little bit and do it that way. I will prob set up more of these amazing shotgun homes in the future since I have quite a few different ones and they all screen a different theme at me! The pattern in this one made me want to set it up for a nature lover but that wallpaper gives me all kinds of ideas. I could really sit here and redo it a dozen times. How many people can say they live in a high quality home that was only 25L? Not many. And if they do, it's this house lol. Okay people I am going to be productive. I hope you have enjoyed this series! Stay Tuned more event postings and new items to come!

                                                        Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

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Build- Shotgun Shack Toulouse- Trompe Loeil at the Arcade event.
Sofa- Eli Baily
Grocery scroll, Caramel apples, -Floorplan
Potted daisies & Apothecary Drawers- Alouette
Hanging tree & topiary- Kalopsia
Rugs- Aisling & junk.
Bed- Cheeky Pea
twinkle pendel bright-[ keke ]
Boneyard Soda machine- Consignment
Ygritte Reclaimed Divider-Lisp
Star light- <3 Zigana
Notice Me Memo Board & Box of Doughnuts- What Next
Radiator & Boho Curtain- junk.
Tree Stump Table- Half deer
Nightstand- Bazar


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