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Hello there! I have a new fashion post today! I am gonna take quite a few of these suckers on the beach since I love the beach lol. I am wearing some sexy clothes that are available at cynful and my newest favorite braids from booN. The weather here atm is cold if you can believe that. The rain really cooled it off here and I even thought about cutting on the heat. So of course I am enjoying the look of a beach on sl! I have been having fun setting up my beach and took a break to take pictures lol. Blogging is supposed to be fun and I just have fun with it. Plus I just blog what I have on for the day. I have the whole set that matches this bore tusk mantle but I had to mod my shape super thin to wear it and I am not a fan of that so I prefer to wear the mounts and this mantle with other things to spice up my outfits. I love mixing and matching of course.

This top as well as the bell bottoms come in a billion colors. Okay well maybe not a billion but a huge amount of colors lol. I have on the brown today but they come in all sorts of pretty colors for the Summer. They are all updated for mesh bodies. I am normally somewhat bigger but tweaked my shape for the pants so please make sure you get a demo jus to make sure you have a good fit. The tent behind me is from Kalopsia. I stick it all over the place no matter what season. It also comes in a pink color which I have out on my beach but I was trying to be matchy matchy so I am standing by the cream one since it has brown shades on it. It's been awhile since I posted a fashion post so I might do another one next. I hope everyone is enjoying the week! I have been very productive and busy since last week but enjoying myself and that is what counts. Thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to bookmark me to your favs and follow me on Flickr & Facebook! My store slurl will also be posted.
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