All About the food!

Everyone that knows me in-world knows that I am a foodie.  I also love love love the food from Aphrodite shops. This post is all about the food. Newly released are these amazing cinnamon buns! They really look so good you will have cravings for one in rl. I am showing the fatpack of all the buns. You can buy them separate, but trust me you will have a hard time choosing so it's best to just get them all lol. They dispense unlimited amounts of treats so that really makes me happy. There is 6 different flavors in this fatpack! Original, Bacon wrapped, Heart shaped, chocolate covered, kids glazed, and regular glazed. I will put the link to the marketplace listing and the main store listing below. I had to get a close up picture of some of them so you can see the detailing. I had a hard time fitting them all in! lol But I made it work.  I just couldn't show like one or two platters. I can't even just have one out in my kitchen so of course I had to take a picture of them all!

I have more new release posts coming up so please stay tuned for that!!! I took Monday off to get everything sorted! I hope everyone has an awesome day! If you do not have to go out in this heat don't do it! lol

                                                            Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Cinnamon bun (Fatpack) Aphrodite shops-

Marketplace listing-
All food is from Aphrodite shops.
Kitchen set and stove- Laq décor & Bazar
Wall art- Bazar


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