CnS e-motion - Farewell Closing Sale.

This pose store has been around for a long time and one of my dear friends is closing it with a farewell sale! She started this store in 2007 and she has made more milestones since then. I see it as a chapter closing to bring more new things to the future.  It is from the 6th of June-14th. All poses will be just 99L. You can look at the creators Flickr notice also! She just doesn't have the time to work on poses and she is over making them to sum it up! lol I did suggest a outlet or something and I got fussed at so no suggestions for everything moving over to marketplace also lol. Please stop by and have a look and do some shopping before these poses leave the grid! You can never pass on a good sale and me being a blogger also for fashion I can never ever pass on a pose sale. I always need poses! I will leave the info for you below! Thank you for stopping by and I will have more event and posts soon. Stay Tuned!!

                                                        Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

CnS e-motion - Farewell Closing Sale:

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