The Perfect Gift - Father's Day

Hello there! Happy to bring a new home post today! This one is themed for Father's Day of course!  The day to celebrate the most important man in your life.  Aphrodite shop is the go to place for seasonal/holiday items and they do not disappoint with these amazing items. There is more of course you can find on the marketplace or at the store of course but I wanted to show some of my favorites. Mind you each of these items dispenses/gives you goodies. There is something for everyone. You can also give these as a gifts to females because I have been drinking the liquor and I do smoke lol. Well on sl I do the most with smoke lol. So let me say females would like these items as gifts also. Pipes, cigars and trays with truffles it is really hard to pick. But don't we all love options? I know I do. I set this space up as a man cave and added lights. I think with any celebration when you add more lights it adds to the mood. I love lights though, so that is my excuse lol.

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend and will enjoy the holiday! Be safe when going out! I thank you for having a look and my blog and stay tuned for more to come. I will have the links below of course!

                                                           Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Aphrodite Father's day Items- 50 years Whisky & three chocolates truffles tray, Pipe Holder & stands,Louis serving tray,Strawberry liquor & treats tray,Deco Mate Set,dark chocolate cigarettes & Luxury 50 years whiskey gift box.  (These items can be bought on marketplace from the creator Marina Ramer)

"Sweet family memories" BedSofa "B&W"- Aphrodite Shop

I will also leave a slurl to the mainstore-

Build- Dusty Bunny
Amphora vases-Bazar
Barrel Coffee table & railroad chandelier -Pilot
Plaster horses, Bookcase & Bust- Apple Fall
Lanai Large Mirror- Cheeky pea


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