Beach Living- The series Pt.Two

Hello there!!! I am bringing the last post of this series of my little beach! I set up two of the blue summer cabins as little retreats with a massage table in them. But I wanted to focus on the yellow one that is filled with prettiness and bears. You can never have too many extras and toys. I already had to pass out landmarks for the summer cabin! I had a older cabin I got some months back and this one is way better and more detailed. It was plain old white with no detailing at all. I love the colors on this one and the texturing is beautifully done! You can get the cabins and surfboards at the new FaMeshed event for this month at a steal of a price so make sure you hop on by. Most of the decorations I am using are just 1 Land impact so I am able to just go nuts with extras. I truly love Kalopsia items and I tend to mix and match them with other things and of course they look awesome with other things from the store. I had to break out my hanging chairs and the boho tapestry. They just called to me and I knew they would be perfect in this cabin! My little Gee bear is relaxing in one. I have to thank my sister for him since she got him for me and I just love him lol

I had to do a front shot of this cabin to share the utter cuteyness! Yes, I know that was not a word! lol You could really do a theme for each cabin and set them up any way you want. You could even skip having a house and just have several cabins for your home with each serving a different purpose. The possibilities are endless! I just wanted extra relaxation areas from the beach so that is what I went with.  I wanted vibrant and beachy colors so the feel would let you know that winter is long gone for now. I really enjoyed setting up my little beach! It is so pretty and I didn't get to show yall the waves but I wanted to show the most important things. There will be plenty of time to see me in the water like when I get my hands on one of those what next boats! lol I hope everyone will have an amazing weekend! Thank you for stopping by!! Stay tuned!

                                                        Stay Fierce* Stay Blessed


Summer Cabins & Surfboards- Kalopsia- FaMeshed event-
Calendar, potted plants, cakes and food, Cushion pile, Chain Lamp,  Boho tapestry and hanging chairs (Janice's Hangout) - Kalopsia- Mainstore-
Throw rug & string light bulbs- Floorplan
Trees & Forest brushwood- Tiki Tattoo and Botanical
Umbrella Thatch- Tiki Tattoo


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