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Majesty- All The Stars

Hello there! I hope all is well. Happy Friday! TGIF!! I am sitting here taking a break so in the meantime I wanted to show you a space I just decorated. I am featuring Kalopsia at Collabor 88 &[Cynful]. Of all days I want one of my sisters and some are offline and the other ones are busy. Sole is at SL15 shopping. LOL So, I just can't catch a break so I will go it alone today. But, I was going to have these chairs filled up with people. I had a long day! So, I am just trying to chill and here I am blogging. LOL I Just have to stay busy even when I am relaxing. Well, since I can't get into the SL15 sim I am trying to get into! I am playing All the stars over and over again because it's my mood and what I was playing as I decorated. It's rough being so mood based sometimes yall. I can't even explain it. I have my settings on a nice dark windlight and it's perfect for my mood. The hanging chair set is called Summer chill mini set. The pillow in the set changes…

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