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Majesty- Game Over

Hello there! I hope all is well! I am here with a post featuring DRD at the Uber Event with this amazing Powergaming shed!!!! It is a must have! I am also featuring Apple May Designs with the Summer Days outfit new to Kustom9 and the Creature Armbands new to the Soiree Event!! The powergaming shed set has all you need to have an amazing gaming setup. This is going to be my new office! LOL I love it. I always love sets from DRD as they have everything you need. I had to add soem extra decor of course but you can really just rez everything in the set and have an amazing space. The set comes with 2 chairs versions. One is manual and one is automatic. If you have AVsitter allowed under experience on your land then the headset will go on your head without having to do anything. If you do not have it allowed then you need to rez the manual chair and it will give you the option to wear it once you sit on the chair. I have the headset on BUT there is also animations with the VR headset on tha…

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