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Majesty- Moments Together Are moments Well Spent

Hello there! I hope all is well! Yall know I love food things and things that can rp for your entertainment experience. I am featuring this BBQ Donut  by Aphrodite Shop today! It has so much seating space and you can have the whole bbq cooking experience while chilling with friends, family or whomever you choose. It is texture change. So it is several different vibrant colors for you to choose from along with several food items you can cook and serve!! It is the perfect thing for an evening get together with your family! I am here with my lovely sisters, wifey and my nana! The windlight setting to choose wasn't easy. I hate to pick on my sis Sole but she is the lightest of us all. Some settings had her so bright! lol But hey I am here. We managed! This post was really fun. I didn't get any fashion credits yall. If you want anything hit me up and I will ask. I will put my credits below.
It is such an awesome thing to have such an amazing group of family and this isn't even …

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