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Majesty- The Gold Experience

Hello there! I hope all is well my friends! I am here today featuring :HAIKEI: COMFORT ZONE / GACHA new to the Kustom9 Event and CHEZ MOI * Golden Bedroom. I was inspired by the awesome colors in these sets and this is what I came up with. It's all about the gold! The gacha key is new to the Kustom9 event for this month and the rare is an awesome home build which I am using. Many adorable common items are throughout this bedroom space. The bedroom set comes with bed, vanity, and end tables etc. All of the things you need to have a awesome bedroom. The bed covers/blanket are also texture change. My focus was mainly on having bold gold throughout so I went with a neutral bed covering. The awesome little doggy I got is textured beautifully. Do not be surprised to see him in more spaces. They add personality throughout the space and bring the honey feel. One of my favorite things is the flower rug. It looks like an egg flower to me! LOL So, I have been sticking it all over the place. I

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