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Majesty- A Place Where Time Stood Still

 Hello there! I hope all is well my friends! I am featuring the Fapple- The service bar Fatpack today! It has been some time since I blogged a set for the store and super excited about this awesome collection. It has a color change hud to change the wood color on the bar and stools. I love black so it was an easy choice for me. But, there is a texture/color for everyone with this set. You also get dispensable drinks and plenty of nice decor. I did mod some things. I loved the drinks hanging on the bar and just made copies of them and the seashell hanging. This is the perfect bar to spice up your home or business! It has PG, Adult and Kinky options. I got inspired to just go all out with the black in this space. I have it decorated on a poolhouse and it gave the feel that I wanted. I first started out about to do a garden space but then once I saw the color options I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! It was like a big lightbulb went off! LOL  I didn't plan on posting today b

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