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Majesty- She Came. She Saw. She Lives

Hello there! I hope all is well! It's the middle of the week now. I am featuring Mudhoney at the 6 Republic event in this bedoom! I really had fun decorating this space. One thing to mention. There is a mirror that comes with this set that is a must have item for any space. It has animations so you can stand and floss at the mirror. Typically mirrors are just decor and have no other use. The one that comes with this set is really fun. Eventhough I don't have it in this space I just wanted to make note that it is a nice item. This set is called Jackie Bedroom. There is different texures for the bed. Frame, Blankets and even pillows. But, the bold darker floral print called to me. I almost went with sage or the tribal colors. Let's just say there is some good ones to choose from. The bed has nice animations including breakfast in bed! Let me say I have beds by another creator that had that and anytime I rezzed a new bed w/o that I was less pleased. But I am a foodie yall so…

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