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Majesty- Loft Living (After The Love Is Gone)

Hello there! I hope all is well! I am here featuring KraftWork at the Black Fair with this awesome Black Loft, [Cynful] at Collabor88 with this boojii Widowmaker set Jian with these adorable scruffy shepherds and my floral anklet from Apple May Designs! I love the black fair when it comes around because I love black everything so of course I am excited about this post today. I was thrilled when this black loft was released and I still am. So, one thing that is always one of the best features in a loft is the high ceilings. I started off decorating super glam but started leaning towards a more casual decor space with some glam. This space can be many things of course. Glam, Casual, man cave, woman cave, game room space. Anything your heart desires will work in here! It is 279 Land impact. The high ceilings let me use tall and dramatic decor which I love. The staircase is lighted. It adds a touch of dramatic to the skybox from the second you rez it. I love Skyboxes that are big enough t…

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