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Majesty- Apple's Cafe

Hello there! I am still in a Springy/Summery mood! Do you go to stores and have a look about the land? I tend to Apple May's store and one thing she has always loved is having areas for the customers to enjoy and spend time or take pictures. I have refreshed the café by the mainstore among other things and I wondered if anyone comes in to use it.So many uses for a public café like maybe a place to take your friends to just chill and chat. Maybe someone new you don't want to just take to your house because you don't know them like that. lol  Hey, I am not judging! It is 2 levels and I didn't want to add too much as I am not a fan of walking on furniture. It makes me feel like I did as a noob so long ago. The Café  boasts a good many dining tables and chairs and a bigger set upstairs for a bigger company of people. Since it's Spring/Summer I added Milkshake makers, Beer, yea I know, Ice cream and Coffee. Most of the food and drink items are dispensers so you can sit …

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