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Majesty- Good Morning

Hello there! I hope all is well today. Happy Monday! I am featuring Jian, Kalopsia and Aphrodite shop today in this vintage inspired minty fresh space! When I think of the morning time I think of food lol. Breakfast is my favorite food! So These Teensy tortoises from Jian really fit the bill. They can easily be in any setting and they are animated! Red and green colors. The pancake one is the Rare item from this gacha key. You can put them anywhere! Total foodie or turtle/animal lover must have. They are at the Arcade gacha event now. The glam couple chair I am using asside chairs are from Aphrodite shop. They are texture change and they are really romantic. Different versions are available and I have here the couple chair. Just the animations are different in each version. The gold wall hanging is from Granola. This is my first time using it but trust and believe I will use it more in the near future. It can be in so many diff spaces. The Vanity table from Kalopsia is a rare gacha it…

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