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Majesty- A Taste Of Cinoe

 Hello there! I hope all is well my friends! Thrilled to be featuring Cinoe today! I love blogging food and Cinoe makes the most amazing food products! Featuring [Cinoe] Role of bees which is new to the Kustom9 Event! Like always the food dispenses and is bento animated. I was inspired by a new set I got with bakery items and with all of the awesome [Cinoe] food I have in my inventory, I couldn't pass up a chance to show off a good many items. ALL of the food in this dining room is by the store. The chairs, table and pampas grass is from Apple Fall. I love using flowers in dining spaces. I usually put them on the table but I didn't want to take space away from the food so I decided to put them in front of the bakery cases and I love how they look there! The bakery cases are from Dalia and are texture change.  I am glad to get a new set of them. My older ones are quite old. The only thing I wish it featured was a glass that opened up so you can click on the food. Otherwise, you

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