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Majesty- There Is Beauty In Ruins

Hello there! I hope all is well. TGIF!!! Happy Friday! Doing something totally different today while featuring DRD with building remains new at the Eclipse event. There is a snow version and I was leaning towards it, but it's been a minute since I used greenery so I went this rout instead. I used multiple building remains to make more of a building so I could add some things inside. My inspiration was how things still grow in the midst of destruction. Eventhough the building is bascially gone you still have living things inside. The birds, the grass and a beautiful tree. I can go into this so much more because I tend to be a deep thinker but I don't want to end up rambling on. LOL But, that was the inspiration for this space. Most of the items here are from DRD and I modded the car some. I took the items off the top of it to use for more things to be placed in the ruins. The beautiful shrubs you see framing the area are from Apple Fall and seasonal change. They are so thick. I…

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