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Majesty- The Color Purple

Hello there! Just wanted to do a new home decor post. Featuring Kalopsia today. I have been turning out a good many home decor posts and I'm keeping it up as long as I can. I have a perfectionist/ocd personality so at times................LOL it can be rough. Plus, time on sl really isn't that long. It goes by so fast. I typically try to mic if someone wants to talk because typing and decorating isn't fun. It just makes me go slower. I wanted to do something different with this set today. I have used these items before but wanted to do a different perspective. I got a light script that I am using on everything. Everything is a light. LMAO!!! Whatever yall hating is not a good look. Don't hate on me :) You can never have too many lights. The people wearing facelights feel the same way! LOL! Bad example I know!I am just excited the weekend is here and I hope the weather stays pretty today. The star of the show today is the Futon and it inspired my use of purple in this s…

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