The Outdoor Escape

Hello there!!! If the summer heat hasn't hit you then be happy! Because it has hit me in the face...really hard! lol I did not miss getting my legs burned when sitting on car seats and yes I will scream! lol I am happy to bring a new home décor post featuring Kalopsia's new items for Kustom9. True must haves for your summer space! Summer is obviously here. In my neck of the woods especially it has been very hot lately.  The lovely lounger is one of the items and the beautiful sun and palm tree boards. These items are very versatile. I was going to stick them in my tiki but they look perfect on my back deck of my house.  I also had to add the surfboards that were released recently also. Everything just goes together so perfectly and they really add to the space of my outdoor living. I have some friends that never even go in their homes so you might as well make the outside of your home nice if you aren't gonna be in it! lol The magazines and lamps are also at the event and I tell you. I can never have too much décor clutter such as magazines, books, lights or tablets. The more you add really makes the room seem more homey and real. Little details go a very long way. Plus they are such low land impact you can add many at once and not worry about going over a prim limit.

  I hope everyone is having an amazing week! The weekend will be here before you know it. Stay    tuned for more new releases! I have more coming! Thank you for stopping by. <3

                                                  Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Outdoor Lounge Set- Kalopsia - Kustom9 event-
Surfboards, Plants (high & short stand), Spring flowers, Galaxy rug- Kalopsia-
Pouf- Bazar
Storm Lamp- Apple Fall
Journal & Coral Decor- Pilot
Arden fan- Apt B


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