Majesty - Green acres pt.One (Client Example)

Hello there of course it is time for a new home post! I am using the build by Trompe Loeil today! The amazing shotgun shack that was at the last Arcade round for 25L a play. Yes people it was 25L a play. You cannot beat getting a high quality mesh house for 25L! Once I started getting one of the colors over and over I quit but I love them all! This one is called Toulouse and it called to me. Each house has a different texture combo but this one was my favorite. It inspired me to use bold greens. Of course I love lush green and I could not pass on this. So let me say thank you for having this amazing build for this steal of a price! The things that went for 100L a play weren'tt even close to being a freaking house lol. You would never guess that is what I paid for this house once you see it in a setting it deserves. Decorating this new home has been fun. I was going to show a long view of the house but it's just not working out so I will show my favorite angles. The house is one open space like a true shotgun house but it is sitting on a space 100x100. So the outside space is massive. If you like to use a lot of your outdoor space I recommend a house with a smaller footprint so you can really use your outside space. If you are not a person that likes to ride around and do things outside then I would get a bigger house with minimum outdoor space and just do little landscaping. WIth some of the prim counts on trees and shrubbery you can have a nice small garden that is very detailed without much loss of land impact usage. I love making spaces very lush with as many trees and shrubs as possible. For this space I used around 200 Land impact with the landscaping minus the house which is only 45 land impact. Add in the indoor furniture and I am sure I am at around 350 land impact for my little home.

That my friend is the power of mesh. Years ago all of these trees would be 25 prims a piece lol. It was so annoying deciding if you wanted 1 or 2 trees or not! Maybe that is one of the reasons I go crazy with trees now. The land impact allows us to have many now even with smaller parcels with lower land impact limits. Out of all the trees you see here the highest land impact is 5 prims. I am using a ton of 1 land impact trees lol. My trash bin is crazy let me say that. I will prob crash when I empty it. This series will just be two parts. The last one is showing you the interior of course. I hope everyone will enjoy this home and decide to get one or more for yourself it is prob in Cory's store now of course. I will prob use more of them in the future so don't be surprised. I will have more events postings after this series. But I need some time to get everything right and I am working on them right now. Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned!!

                                                          Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Shotgun Shack Toulouse- Trompe Loeil- The Arcade (March 2015)
Dirt road- HPMD (Happymood)
Wooden Bear- Hideki
White fence & Bramley Porch swing - {What Next }
Abundance of Greenery- Botanical, Hayabusa Designs, Fanatik, & 3d trees
Skydome- (Yes this home is in the sky!) Turnip's Skydome- Spring Textures


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