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Well hello there! I am excited to bring you a new home décor post featuring the awesome store Kalopsia. I truly love the items that come from Kalopsia and I am not being bias! I can honestly say that I do not blog anything that I haven't used or wouldn't wear. So let me say this new home décor event called 6 republic is pretty super duper awesome! It has some of the best home décor creators on the grid participating. The theme this round is obviously "Industrial" and the items are really nice. I would say the type of setting I enjoy is more unisex than anything. I love setting up gender neutral spaces. So of course I was thrilled with this theme. There was a early preview for bloggers and I was so busy that I didn't see the notecard until the day of the event and I was butt hurt. I really was lol. I did a little whimper yall! lmao! But I did get in when it opened so no worries. I love events but home décor events are my favorite! There isn't enough of them for me. So this one has me all cheesy. Kalopsia has a Scaffold Sofa and Scaffold Bedroom at the event which I am featuring here in my loft. I got this awhile back and really I hoard houses. lol. So I knew eventually I would have something to make it pop and this furniture goes so well. My theme for my industrial space would have to be Industrial Elegance. Industrial with a bit of you know...I cannot get enough of sparkly. "winks" lol  The bed is only 7 Land impact if you can believe that! The power of mesh truly. It would have been nice if we had mesh when I was a noob, but then again I might not be as appreciative of it now as I am.

 So maybe that is a good thing. These are must have items people, not only for the quality but you cannot beat the land impact which is only 8 on the sofa. So almost the same count. I am using my loft build from Eli Baily. The ceilings are tall and the space in here is huge. You can drop a ton of prims in here lol. I took advantage of the space of course and was able to enjoy this sofa and bedroom with no worry of running out of space. You can see these beautiful pieces in-world at the event of course to see if they would fit your space like you would like. But if you are in a warehouse or loft you will love the height on these! Perfect! I saw a picture on flickr that had floor clothing clutter but of course the items were not listed so I could find them. I would really like more clothing for the floor. I did manage to find this dress clutter from Dutchie but I seen some jeans etc and I couldn't mod the jeans on this clothing rack. But hey, I am making it work! If anyone knows where to get clothing clutter feel free to msg me. It drives me crazy when I cannot find something I "need" lol! I haven't made sure I got into an event the second it opened in years! I usually even wait a few days to get into events. But I started tping minutes before the opening time so it was serious! lol I even got my friend Apple in with me! I had to tp her the second I got in the sim and boom it was full. I couldn't tp anyone else. It was good because we got to get what we needed to help decorating her sim and keep it moving! Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate the views I get. Knowing people enjoy seeing things I am passionate about really gives me an extra boost and I wanted to thank you for your time. Feel free to bookmark my pages and Follow me on Flickr and Facebook! Stay Tuned!

                                                           Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

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Scaffold Furniture- (NEW)- Kalopsia @ 6th Republic until 27th Of May-
Fancy Statue, Lifespan Chest, Metal Lamp, Ladder wall lamp, Black leather pouf, Piano plant, Vintage Mic Lamp, Painting (Waterloo),  - Kalopsia- Main Shop-
Stratford Industrial Loft - Eli Baily
Dakota glass orbs- Aria & The Loft
Horse Bust Fragment, White Iris, Martins' Busker Guitar, Scrabble - Apple Fall
Bedroom Rug, night stand, Globe, Bicycle, Bedroom curtain, Bedroom Lamp,Wood tables, Pink flower vase, Male & Female clothing rack - Bazar
Spilled Paint (white)- +Half-Deer+
Delilah decorative Birch trio- Aria
Cluster Of Bulbs- Keke
Milk can lamps- Floorplan
Melville Sign- [Commoner]
Galadriel- *ionic*
Men's Torso Mannequin with props- Soy.
Bedside table & Storage- Pilot
Boneyard Soda Machine- Consignment


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