Majesty- Client work example - (The Comfort Of Home Pt.Two)

Hello there. It is time for part two and I am featuring the living area space today. I went super girly today. I have to admit that. This home is very versatile and you can beef it up with some masculinity of course. But, I was in a super girly/kawaii mood and this is how it ended up!  I like doing things out the "norm". So of course the trees might be too much for some people but they gave off the perfect whimsical feel for me. I have this space right in front of the doorway so I didn't want too much around the door to prevent anyone from walking in without stepping on stuff. I like to have a clear unobstructed path from every door way and walking area.

For extra sitting space I added this hallway bench. It is really cute and the extra books and storage bin really gives it extra character. The weather where I live really helped inspire me to decorate really cheerful. It is so pretty here and I went out in a new pair of shoes. Nothing worse than going places in a new pair of stiff shoes!! lol My feet are not happy right now. But other than that I have enjoyed the sunshine. I hope everyone is having an awesome week! Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for Part three! <3

                                                          Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

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Petite Cabine- Scarlet Creative
Coppola Sofa- Cheeky Pea
Rugs- Floorplan & Vincue
Hallway Bench- Alouette
Spring Flowers & curtains- Kalopsia
Dress lamp- The Loft
Potted Topiaries-Sway's
Charlotte Coffee table- What Next
Mailbox-Mish Mish
Daydreaming trees, Hanging Birch Branch, & Cuddly Tissue Box- +Half-Deer+


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