The Comfort Of Home Pt.Three

Hello there this is the last part to this home series. Featuring the Bedroom and a little sitting area/dining room. I was going to add a bathroom also, but I am not a big bathroom person. To me it is a waste of space unless you want your home to look 100% authentic like real life. Or you actually roleplay with it. I have a sister that came over and had to use the bathroom! lol So sometimes I have them in my homes just in case. I didn't put one in here but there is many creative places it could go easily. I just wanted it to be cozy and cheerfull. I added bright lights in the bedroom area to give it a more magical feel. The lights and bed are at the newest Collabor 88 round and they are truly stunning. I have to thank my Dear friend Apple for the bed since she gifted it to me unexpectedly. I was actually at her sim taking blog pics when she sent it lol. I almost hit discard! lol You know when you are concentrating hard and something pops up you just want it to go away. I almost did that lol. It is really beautiful and comes with the bed tray which believe me you will see again. The star lights are amazing and from Kalopsia they can be used in any area you would want and they are texture change. I have them cream at the moment but all of the shades are pretty. I am starting to put them all over the place now actually. I wanted this space to be bright and open. But you can add curtains for some more separation.

I had to do a closer shot of the bed so you can see it. I did one from the front and I just couldn't get it like I wanted. I think I sometimes do pictures better at an angle. But it is truly lovely in here. I hope everyone has enjoyed this series! I am always up for a decorating challenge and truly love decorating each and every space. I tend to like them so much sometimes I have several different ones at a time lol. But some home creators just make you want to decorate every day. Well it makes me want to decorate lol. Thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to stop by my store showroom. I will change it every so often with new things and with seasons or holidays of course to keep it fresh and show what I can do. Also follow me on Flickr and my Facebook. More to come and thank you!!!

                                                     Stay Fierce Stay Blessed

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Petite Cabine- Scarlet Creative
Lily Mint Chair- Lisp
Julie's Bed & Tray- Vagabond- Collabor 88-
Hanging Stars- Kalopsia - Collabor 88-
End tables- Laq Décor
Tree Stump Table & Fairy Curtain- +half deer+
Sakuramochi & Chiffon Cake- Part of the Sakura Delice gacha- Kalopsia
Rug- Floorplan
White Iris- Apple Fall
Lemonade pitcher dispenser- Aphrodite SL
Dakota glass orbs- Aria & The Loft


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