Fit For a Princess

Hello there! I have a super adorable party set featured today. Totally for the little princess in your life. Princess Sofia party set is the perfect set for any holiday for your little one and it is from Aphrodite Shop. I really love how versatile this set is since it doesn't have a set party title to it like Birthday or Rez day. You can rez this just to have a party at random even. All of the food is virtually edible. Cookies, chocolates, cake, lemonade, burgers, chicken and more. I wanted to have a party that was totally princess so I rezzed this princess carriage and modded it some and changed it to purple. It was normally a baby pink shade. I did have little chairs around each table and even had a third one full of goodies. But my pictures looked horrid. So I took them away for my final pictures lol. Don't you just love derender! I deleted my last small home and to my surprise I guess it was derendered. I tpd out for a few and came back to the house still rezzed on top of everything!!! lol Gotta love ooops moments!

 I had to get a close up of some of the food. The food is so freaking cute yall. You really need this set if you love cute stuff or enjoy good parties with food! Grown adult or child you will really enjoy this. Hey, I am a big kid at heart and I love it. You get the table, arches and plenty of food for a nice size party. I will leave the link below in credits! Thank you for stopping by! I am going to get back to my normal routine of blogging every other day or every 2 days. It gives me the time to accomplish what I need to for my store and also gives me enough time to post blog posts that I am proud of. So please check out my links and follow & bookmark me! I appreciate the views! Have an awesome week!

                                                         Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Majesty Info-

Princess Sofia complete set- Aphrodite SL-

Aphrodite Shop Mainstore-

Willow trees- Little Branch
Topiaries- Kalopsia
Princess Carriage- Glitterati
Skydome- Turnip Skydome- Spring & Ethereal textures and of course I added stars!


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