The Magical Garden

Hello there, I am featuring the new garden sheds from Kalopsia today which are available at the no21 event. They really inspired me and there is  two stencil options in Teal or Brown and also two plain versions in Teal or Brown.The teal garden shed was my inspiration since it is a different color than you would normally think with a garden shed. It made me think of a magical garden that was not the "norm". A little darker and more enchanted with a lot of stuff going on. I love going to landscaping stores in sl. They give so much inspiration to me and I can just zone out lol. I do not have a green thumb in rl at all. So in sl I really try to go all out. It can just get so hot here and I just can't & won't do it. This garden is packed with all kinds of lovely plants and animals roaming freely around. Yall might see this path a little too much in my posts at times since I love it so much.  It is really popular as I have seen them around sl a lot. But it's so nice and makes your landscaping pop so much that I Just have to use it. I was gonna throw in some sun rays but's night time! lol I instead used pendals from keke that I love to add sparkle. I loved being able to use all kinds of plants and trees.
A really nice detailed space really helps set the mood. The possibilities to add on to this space is endless. Through the fence there could be a nice cottage or home situated behind the trees. Or maybe a gypsy caravan hideaway and this is where the market is for items to be sold. For me it was all about a magical garden under the stars. A beautiful place to daydream and relax after a long day. Tired eyes need soft lighting and this lighting really set the mood. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed decorating. I cannot thank you enough for stopping by. The N21 event is a monthly event but you do not want to miss out on these sheds. They could also easily be market stalls, Cozy seating places or even little dollhouses. Just let your creativity go wild! I always do.  I wish everyone an amazing week. I will prob do a fashion post since it's been a little while since I have done one. I have some beautiful new things to show! So please stay tuned, bookmark this blog, follow me on Flickr and Facebook! Peace & Blessings <3

                                                     Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

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Garden Sheds- Kalopsia - N21-
Topiaries, Desert hanging plant, Desert Floor plants, Dolce Vita scooter, Pile of stones, Cart, Flying leaves & Spring flowers- Kalopsia- Mainstore location-

Dirt road & Garden trees- HPMD
Garden Supplies and tools- Pilot
White sheep- D-Lab
Garden fence building set & Garden café Lemonade set- {what next}
Not today wall sign, French Plates, schrute farms sign- Floorplan
Potted Daisies- Alouette
Lemonade bucket- Apple Fall
Apple trees and flowers- Hayabusa Design
nanohana- *alirium*
Lighted Fence- A.D.D.Andel!
Corn Clusters & Lemonade_Promenade- The Little Branch
Twinkle Pendel- [ keke ]
Lotus Spa Pendant Light- Cheeky Pea
Goat Bro- +Half-Deer+


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