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Hello there! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I am very busy this week so I might not be posting as much for a little while. I will always post for events as soon as possible but my random/extra posts won't be as often until I get a hold of everything. I am happy to bring you this very unique cottage that can very well be described as a work of art.  Kalopsia has released this house at the Fameshed 3rd year anniversary event and it's really pretty. You have to see it in person to fully appreciate it. At first I thought let me set up my new little home with lush bright green everywhere but no....I want a different feel. I am using my Turnip's Skydome and you can really get creative in them. I find them very versatile and I use it a lot. I am always in the market for plants, trees and grass. With the amount that I decorate I do prefer season change everything but some things just call to you. Sometimes when I do a home a theme comes to mind. For this home there person or people living here have an amazing green thumb. But do not like perfectly kept garden. One that has the flowers in one particular place. They like the flowers and trees all over the place showing that not only is the grass greener on their side but it is in abundance. I almost toned the garden down some and then just went all over the place! lol. If it was this simple in rl!! If I could plant flowers with no weeds I would be in heaven. Home depot commercials inspire me and then reality hits. When it is 90 degrees and humid as all hell will I want to be outside plucking some damn weeds? Exactly, so I will enjoy all these flowers on sl! lmao!

You cannot be in a space like this and feel gloomy. I have the sky as night time so it is very tranquil. I bet you look at this picture and think well I bet she has some bright colored furniture in the inside with pastels and all kinds of springy colors. No I do not! The 2nd post to this series will feature the inside and I didn't keep the outside theme with the inside. But you are going to have to come back tomorrow to see it! Thank you for stopping by.
Stay Fierce* Stay Blessed
Stone house and Stone Wall- Kalopsia- The FaMESHed event-
Greenery!- Hayabusa Designs, Botanical, Alirium, 3d trees & Kidd grass



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