Story Book Living. Pt Two.

Hello there of course I had to do a interior post! This is the last post for the Storybook Living series. I love doing homes sometimes that do not look like what you would expect inside. I have all of these lush bright greenery on the outside. But the inside is darker with some pop of color and I like it. I was going to have a small bedroom also but my beds are too big lol. So this will be a sitting chill type house. I love being creative so please believe you will see me do decorate this house over again in the future. When I see little cute extras for décor I buy them. Mainly if they are on sale. I will say I have my price limits for little decorations lol. If I see like something for the wall that is 250 and up I pass! Unless it's just freaking amazing! But to each their own. I have friends that won't care about the price if it's cute!  Frugal!!! lol This patterned chair from the loft was perfect for my space. You will see it again in a upcoming home post I did. It is used in a different way of course. I just love it. It can be used anywhere in your home or business and add some uniqueness to your space.
 I love things I can use in many different ways. This house is an amazing blank canvas and only 55 land impact. You can go full blown rustic or you can do it Contemporary. That is one thing I love about decorating, you go with what makes you happy. I hope you have enjoyed this post. I was just so excited when I got this house! I might have to do some more grass and flower shopping this week. Those are the hardest things for me if you can believe. I came across some amazing new stores so I will go buy them and see what is new! Stay tuned as I always have more to show you!
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
Majesty Info-
Stone house-Kalopsia- FaMESHed event-
Sofa & Arelia chair- The Loft
Rugs- {anc} & Tia
Lighting- [keke, Apple Fall & Mudhoney
Chain Lamps, Hanging tree with curtain & Calendar- Kalopsia
Flowers & Pillar Table- Apple Fall
Ottoman- Pilot
Rug used as flooring- junk.
Rome wall décor- Digs
Wall art- We're closed
Bag & stack of books- bazar
Teddy bear- Boogers
Spilled Paint- +half deer+


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