Alone Together

Hello Happy to be bringing a new fashion post and since I am featuring these male gym pants why not have a male with me eh! I can say this is one of my favorite males on sl if not THE favorite one. He is such a sweetheart. I did not do a head to toe photo because..I am short as hell compared to him and it didn't look right lol. We are both wearing the gym pants in black. They are crazy cheap at the Men's Dept atm. I modded my shape a small bit to fit but it works just fine. But please please try a demo. Apple has a gift option in case you wanna pass it to ur man, brudder, daddy, cousins, friends, baby daddy, or some struggling noob. Please help SL be beautiful. Help the men that are still in the struggle lol. I am also wearing this sexy fishnet top from Apple May Designs that is at the Black Dot Project. All of these amazing items comes in several colors. But I feel like a vampire today so I dressed in all black. I might get me a new crown since I feel like Aaliyah as Akasha. I even have fangs lol. It is really fun to just dress your doll up. The possibilities are just endless on here actually.

I made myself taller for the 2nd picture of course and this little sheep was singing about something and took my focus away! lol I took these pictures at the beautiful Fruitatious sim owned by Apple May. There is plenty of areas here that you can chill or take beautiful pictures so feel free to check it out.I hope everyone is having an amazing week! Thank you so much for stopping by and of course stay tuned!
Gym Pants- Apple May Designs- The Men's Dept-
Fishnet Top- Apple May Designs- Black dot project-
Hair- Little Bones
Flowers- The Loft & Hayabusa Design
Stone walls- Fanatik
Sheep- D-Lab
Jewelry- Ryca & Realevil Industries
Male- Custom (Not For Sale)


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