The Comfort Of Home- (Majesty Client Work Example)

Hello! I am excited to have a new home series! This one will have three parts. Today is all about the exterior of course. I recently tried to decorate a simple garden but I cannot. I just love lush landscaping! I mean if your computer cannot handle a lot of stuff all over the place then go simple. But if it can handle it, go all out! I am using a different windlight setting today I have never used and I love it. It adds a edge to my pictures today. This is a small studio home from Scarlet creative and I love it. I totally love the wood work that the creator put in this house and many others I have gotten.I love homes like this you can really make them really dreamy or fit into any kind of décor theme. I am still getting more greenery since you can never have enough. I did recently get a tree on sale and I might not ever use it. It was 33 land impact and that is doing too much even for me. I had to double click it to make sure I was seeing 33. lol I put some paths around the house for walking space and really had fun adding flowers and grass.

So don't be surprised to see these again anytime soon! This is just one example of the many ways that I set up homes. I also have examples in world at my store of how I can set up a space but the possibilities are endless! Feel free to msg me if you have any questions or would want to set up an appointment. I have been very busy the last few weeks but things are slowly getting back to normal. I will prob go back to posting every other day or after every 2 days. Daily posts are really rough for me at the moment. My normal post schedule isn't daily but I was pushing them out!!! lol. Trying to not burn myself out. I thank you so much for stopping by. Majesty is open and running. Majesty will also be part of a grand opening next week so please stay tuned! Feel free to follow me on Flickr and Facebook! Thank you!

                                                      Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

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