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Hello there! I hope all is well! It's the middle of the week now. I am featuring Mudhoney at the 6 Republic event in this bedoom! I really had fun decorating this space. One thing to mention. There is a mirror that comes with this set that is a must have item for any space. It has animations so you can stand and floss at the mirror. Typically mirrors are just decor and have no other use. The one that comes with this set is really fun. Eventhough I don't have it in this space I just wanted to make note that it is a nice item. This set is called Jackie Bedroom. There is different texures for the bed. Frame, Blankets and even pillows. But, the bold darker floral print called to me. I almost went with sage or the tribal colors. Let's just say there is some good ones to choose from. The bed has nice animations including breakfast in bed! Let me say I have beds by another creator that had that and anytime I rezzed a new bed w/o that I was less pleased. But I am a foodie yall so I love stuff like that. The tray with food I stuck on the bed is from TA. So, since breakfast in bed is already in the bed menu you don't need it unless for extra decor. I put that tray all over the place though. On sofa's coffee tales, the kitchen. No rules just fun. I use MudHoney items alot. So, there is many different items from the store from different sets spread throughout. The bigger paintings on the wall were fun for me to add extra decor on top of them to add to the boldness. I love having tall ceilings so I can add items all the way to the top for a dramatic and open feeling throughout the room. The Jackie grid walls were fun to use to have as wall decor and to use as a room divider to seperate this room.
When you have a open floor plan it's nice to have dividers to break the space up so it's easier for you to decorate in the way that you envision. It just shows that this grid wall has many versatile uses and you can really put it anywhere to suit your needs. This room is really a reflection of how I sometimes decorate in RL mainly with shoes. LOL You get so many pretty shoes and they are all neatly put up in boxes. You don't get to enjoy them so I do sometimes have them out and around to enjoy the beauty. lmaooo I have quite a few cloches around the area which are also inspired by RL. I collect big candy jars in rl and put things in them similar to my cloches. I get them all sizes and different shapes. I just enjoy getting them. One jar I have is for a single cupcake like who just has one cupcake. LOL So, obviously I won't be using it for that. rofll!! Well, I am done rambling about myself. But have a look at these awesome items yall. You will not regret it. You can never have too many awesome bedroom sets and this one is really nice and I love the animations. Animations are just as important as the look of the items. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate the support very much. Feel free to bookmark my blog and follow me on Flickr! Thank you and have a blessed day! xoxo <3333 Ebony

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MudHoney- Jackie Bedroom- NEW 6 Republic Event-

MudHoney Jackie Bed - Adult
MudHoney Jackie Canvas Art
MudHoney Jackie Dresser
MudHoney Jackie Rug
MudHoney Jackie Grid Wall
MudHoney Lita Ottoman - Fatpack
MudHoney Roman Shade Up
MudHoney Greta Hammered Vases
MudHoney Carla Screen w/ Nailhead
MudHoney Mainstore-
JIAN Wall-Mounted Betta Tank- Jian Mainstore-

junk. peacock frame. one.
BALACLAVA!! Books [vertical B]
{vespertine} - teardrop succulent terrarium / type 2
{vespertine} - moss terarium type 2
{vespertine} - bubble succulent terrarium / type 2
-tres blah- Salad Days - Gold Cloche
GA Home -  Plant on Trunk
+Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter - ALL - Floor Bra
09. Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter - Line 1
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Classics
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Black
Sway's [Neal] Jeans
[Tia] Bear floor rug 4
Fancy Decor: Ceramic Lamp (Black/Gold)
Fancy Decor: Crystal Sconce (black)
Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Shelf
[AG] Vertical Wall Planter - Black Gypso COPY
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
floorplan. wonderfvll frame
Loft & Aria - Blessed
Loft & Aria - Dixie Slipper Chair With Pillow - Adult - Solids
The Loft - Verne Onyx Horn
{vespertine} - heritage laundry basket.
Ariskea[ Soiree ] Suspender Lamp
[Merak] - Sparkly Lamp (Silver)
[Merak] - Tropical Glass Vase
[PA] Villa Cypress Tree
!O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Royal Edition: Queen] RARE
Apple Fall Design Books
Apple Fall Snowdrops in Cloche
Apple Fall Natural Sea Sponges in Cloche
TA Morning Breakfast Tray

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