Majesty- Welcome to Cove Bay

Hello there! I hope all is well! It is almost Monday. Not quite there yet! lol  I am here today featuring DRD!!! This set is so nice! I hope yall don't get tired of me saying that. LOL But the detail and quality of this set is amazing. Yall know I love lush greenery but I just had to put this on the water. I even used the decks that come with the set to have like a lil area to swim or boat up to. I am chilling in a darker setting today with just enough light and it's really relaxing and easy on the eyes. This set is new at Uber! There is so many items yall. You can mix and match these items and make a huge fish market or anything. The sky is really the limit. The shack itself is 37 land impact and then you have all of the decor items. Things from surfboards, signs, bouys and food! There is even a fish and chip giver. Yall know I love things that dispense food! lol The Thor DIY cooler chair also dispenses which is another reason I had to have it. LOL It's also at uber. You can see these items at the demo area at the event so you can see what I am talking about with quality. Most of everything you see here is part of the set and I have some little extra decor items I added to make it more personalized.
I was also tempted to add the pool I recently got from Chez Moi close to the deck. This can really be a big social hub area of any space be it residential or commercial. It has area inside to set up and really roleplay it out as you are running your own fish shack! You can keep it as I have it here and then add bistro sets all around for a nice eat in restaurant vibe. But, It's all up to you and your vision. I love builds and sets like this that are very versatile and you can do many things with them. I see them as great investments as you will be able to use these things many times and in different ways in the future. I actually meant to post last night yall but time got away from me. I was helping my sister and shopping with one of my friends and when I looked down it was way past time for me to go to bed and I was hungry. LOL SO, I had to delay until today! I hope you have been enjoying my posts this month! I have more coming so stay tuned! I appreciate the support! Thank you so very much. I wish you an awesome week ahead! xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


-DRD- Boho Fish Shack - Collection- NEW at Uber-

..::THOR::.. DIY Cooler Chair - Giver- Uber event!
floorplan. fire pit tub
(HeadHunter's Island) Coconuts
(HeadHunter's Island) Tropica Extra drink cooler box-dispenser
Trompe Loeil - Metal Barstool Neon Green
{what next} Dahlia Lemonade Dispenser
(HeadHunter's Island) Coconut milkshake giver fruit plate MESH(copyable)
(HeadHunter's Island) Tiki fruit & drink plate
[Kres] Party Watermelon
{what next} Palisades Drinks Tray
Apple Fall Small Dock

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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