Majesty- The Royal Suite- Pampered Alpacas

Hello there! I hope all is well! Happy Tuesday to you! I am sitting here singing while I write this post up. That is what I do when I am blogging lol. Either singing or talking! I am here featuring Jian and <Heart Homes> aka Aphrodite shop in this Royal Suite fit for a pampered Alpaca or whoever you want to pamper! lol These gorgeous Alpacas are from the newest round of FaMeshed and I love them. I am pretty sure I squealed when I saw these get released and they texture change to so many colors it's just awesome. You get different static pose ones, wanderer and companion versions in this collection! The bed you see is from Aphrodite shop and texture change as well. I went with the royal texture which fit what I was going for today and the Alpaca is in so many colors it even matches the bed! Now this post should give you a hint that I am one of those people that will buy a super boojii bed for their lil dog in rl. LOL This is what you call living the life. I put a good many extra decor items in this space. Many are from The Loft & Aria and also Apple Fall. I love the elvira collection from the store they add elegance to any space amd I have them everywhere. I am not a sunny side up egg person in rl at all. But, It's cute on this toast so I use it! lol The full bed set comes with end tables, lamps and the bench you see. The bench is texture change and it has animations in it as well. That way you can make your space your own!
I will put all of the credits below and I also had the ad for the Jian Alpacas listed so you can see all you get in the collection. If you love pets there are so cute. There is also a fence set and barn set for them at the event if you want to have a lil pet area or farm filled with alpacas. You can really do it big. I am not going to ramble much today. I have been on a roll with posts and I am keeping them going as I have the time! July is here! Let's keep it going! I appreciate the support! Feel free to bookmark my blog and follow me on Flickr! Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a blessed day! xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


<Heart Homes> Victorian Elegance Couple  Bed Set- Mainstore Location-
JIAN Alpaca Collection- New at FaMeshed-

The Loft & ARIA -  Beckett Mirror Brass
The Loft - Orville Sconce
The Loft - Trellis Lamp White
The Loft - Log Storage Gold
The Loft & ARIA  - Scalloped Tray Brass- right side
The Loft & ARIA - Odeletta Privacy Screen
The Loft - Alexand Porter Chair w/pillow Sand [Mature]
The Loft & ARIA - Leona Hide Rug
The Loft & Aria - Jabode Mirror White
Apple Fall Designer Hat Box
Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (White)
Apple Fall Designer Hat Box
Apple Fall 'Elvira' Plate w/ Egg, Avocado & Toast
Apple Fall 'Elvira' Rose Tea
Apple Fall 'Elvira' Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit
Apple Fall Cosmos Flowers - White
LTD Studded Cushion (Chic)
ARIA- Dido Vase With Lillies
Fancy Decor: Wire Crystal Candle
Fancy Decor: Luxe Picture Frame
Crystal Chandelier by Abiss - small copy version
Fiasco - White Crown Decor
dust bunny . bluebell cottage . RARE

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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