Majesty- The Joy Of Fall 2018

Hello there! I hope all is well! Yall know I love Fall and this space is truly a visual of how I feel about this season. I have a ton of things here to show you! I am featuring Kalopsia with the Autumn evening gacha key, Jian with the Spoiled Rotten Rotties gacha key both of these sets are new at the Epiphany event.  I am also featuring Jian at FaMeshed with the Red Squirrel collection and Heart Homes (Aphrodite shop) with the outdoor Cinema set.  This space grew as I saw awesome things that just went well together! The backdrop is a nice cabin. If you didn't know it was a backdrop you would think it was a normal cabin. It's really nice. It's what I started decorating this space with and it is the perfect setting for the Fall. There is many cute items in this gacha key. I used most of what you will see below on the ad. The Autumn evening copper leaves you see on the wall of the cabin is the exclusive item at the event and it's really cute. I have quite a bit of decor from Kalopsia here including the metal pumpkins and flying leaves. Jian has gone wild with this Rottie gacha set. There is a pup for every mood. It's hard for me to pick a favorite but the ghost doggie is impressive. Can you spot him? There is so many adorable and spooky ones in this set. I might have went a bit overboard with pups but I enjoyed decorating with them so much. The squirrels! You get the tree which is texture change with the squirrel feeder inside. It's a squirrel in there actually eating! You also get wanderer and companion versions in the set. The pumpkin pupper pup is the exclusive 25 point item for Jian! Just wanted to point that out. he is very adorable though yall and worth it.
I always love that you get many different types of pets in every set you get from Jian. I also have a squirrel feeder that is an older item from the store I love using. I am sure yall see him front and center swinging away. LOL  He is at the mainstore and not part of the set. Heart Homes (Aphrodite Shop) has this cinema set with chairs that are texture change and a popcorn holder table you see that is decor only. The Tv is youtube experimental but these pups did not want to see tv so it's not pictured. Between the chairs and rocking chairs they have plenty of places to put their feet up! There is nothing like the cool weather and seeing the leaves of the trees change color this time of year. It really went from feeling Summer to being cold this week. It has me scrambling for sweaters. LOL I just wan't ready. I was all pumped up but still wasn't ready. It's a good problem to have though. I rather be cool than hot any day.  I hope yall enjoyed this post! TGIF! Happy Friday! I wanted to get this posted for Friday and looked at the time and had to put some fire under my butt! lol I have the gacha key ads down below so you can see all of the items available! I also have slurls for the events and the mainstores! Thank you so much for the support! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful season and time of year! I appreciate you! Have a blessed day! xoxo <3333 Ebony
**Stay Tuned! I might add a bonus pic soon!
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Kalopsia - Autumn Evening Rocking Chair w/Blanket (copy)
Kalopsia - Autumn Evening Backdrop RARE (copy)
Kalopsia - Autumn Evening Copper Leaves (Exclusive)
Kalopsia - Autumn Evening Acorns (copy)
New At Epiphany-

Kalopsia - Flying leaves (orange)
Kalopsia - Metal Pumpkin - Orange
Kalopsia Mainstore-

JIAN Red Squirrel Feeder Tree
JIAN Red Squirrel (Wanderer)
New at FaMeshed-

JIAN Spoiled Rotties 9. Treat Cauldron
JIAN Spoiled Rotties 8. Apple Bucket
JIAN Spoiled Rotties :: *EPP* Pumpkin Pupper
JIAN Spoiled Rotties 7. Leaves & Lights
JIAN Spoiled Rotties 15. Collared Pup Wanderer
JIAN Spoiled Rotties 2. Skeleton Adult Wanderer 
JIAN Spoiled Rotties 6. Ghost Adult Wanderer 
New At Epiphany-

JIAN Firefly Grasses :: Large
Jian :: Red Fox Collection-
Jian Squirrel Feeder
Jian Mainstore-

Heart Homes- Outdoor Cinema Couple seat (PG)
Heart Homes (Aphrodite Shop) -Mainstore-
Chez Moi- Scarecrow

Sway's [Ula] Street Lamp (manually)
{what next} Petite Mailbox (green)
O.M.E.N - Autumn Hay Bale - Single
Botanical - Boxwood  Hedge v2 L (Straight 4x2x3)
{what next} Happy Fall Banner
dust bunny . harvest . jug of sunflowers
dust bunny . harvest . cozy wheelbarrow . pg
*alirium* DownyGrass [Green]

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