Majesty- A Feast For Your Eyes

Hello there!! I hope all is well! Happy Tuesday! I am going to keep these new Fall posts going! I love love food related things on sl so much. I notice many of us do! lol So,I am always excited to post anything food related. I am featuring Chez Moi at Très Chic today with the Hampton Bay BBQ Picnic Set! How can you go wrong with a BBQ grill and dining set. This set has everything you need for an awesome family meal. I will prob do a part 2 since you cannot see the food on the table. You can but not as good as I would prefer. The set comes with placemats and they rez food so of course I want to show you. There is many anims in the bbq and the chair's cushions are texture change. I am a blue person so the blue I chose on the cushion totally inspired the color scheme of the whole dining space! The Hay Pile Farm to the right is also from Chez Moi and it has many anims in it to chill and to be with that special someone. The blanket is texture change and this one with the deep blue was perfect for the mood I was going for. I filled this space up with a ton of greenery for the Season. Most of it is from Botanical. I enjoy using botanical greenery with the seasonal changes. It makes changing up large spaces to a new season so easy. Plus they are typically low lanp impact. The Maple tree started out at 27 but the size I ended up using for this space is only 11.  I added some darker grass and tinted the downy grass to my liking. It was a lighter Summery color and I just added a darker tone to fit in with the new season. I didn't want to use bright grass or dead looking grass. lol I love hay so please be prepared to see all types of hay. I collect it. If you make hay you will see me at your store!
I wanted the main focus of this space to be dining and I used the Lilah tent from Trompe to add to it. It is texture change! Let me say I enjoyed decorating with texture change items to give my own look to this space! I love texture change items so much. It also helps to not have to rez a whole new item just for a different color!This season is a prime example of letting you decorate how you want. Greens, red, yellows and oranges are the main colors of the season. I wondered if I was using too much green but the area around me in RL tends to stay a good bit of green year round. My favorite blossom tree is a deep red eight now. It's so pretty. And my rose bushes bloom all year! I was so surprised to see fresh roses during the Winter last year. The ones I grew up with didn't bloom during the Fall or Winter so I really love the ones I have now. I have the full ads for the Chez Moi Items I used below so feel free to have a scroll!! I hope you enjoyed this space and are having an amazing season. I bet the stores already have Christmas trees out. LOL They rush everything! Welp, I am done rambling. Feel free to follow me on Flickr and bookmark my blog. I have more spaces for you! Have a blessed day! Thank you for the support! xoxo <33333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Chez Moi- Hampton Bay BBQ Picnic Set- NEW at Très Chic
Hampton Bay Brick Barbecue (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Hampton Chair CHEZ MOI
Hampton Bay Loveseat (PG) CHEZ MOI
Hampton Placemat- Chez Moi
Juice Jar CHEZ MOI
Peaches Basket CHEZ MOI
Apple Basket CHEZ MOI
Très Chic Event-

Hay Pile Farm (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Hanging Fern CHEZ MOI
Cutting Board Set CHEZ MOI
Orange Cake CHEZ MOI
Hamburger Tray Party CHEZ MOI
Chez Moi Mainstore-

Trompe Loeil - Lilah Beach Tent
Botanical - Maple Tree 1
Botanical - Round Hay Bale v2
Botanical - Boxwood Bush v2 I (Cone 1x1x2)
:Fanatik Architecture: Winter Grass Dark
*alirium* DownyGrass [Green]
tarte. hanging rope lights (silver)
[Tia] Pompeii - Fragrant Hanging Herbs
hive // apple basket
dust bunny . homemade summer treats . recipe book
Fancy Decor: Demitasse
Fancy Decor: Stemless Wineglass
Fancy Decor: Stemless  Waterglass
dust bunny . spicy fiesta . grilled corn
dust bunny . spicy fiesta . fresh tortillas
dust bunny . spicy fiesta . chips & guac


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