Majesty- A Feast For Your Eyes Pt.Two

Hello there!! I hope all is well! This is a continuation of my post from yesterday! How can I rez a placemat that has food in it and don't rez the food? LOL NEVER! I would never deprive you of seeing some delicious looking food. It would be against the law. I am showing the decor on the picnic table for a closer look. The food in the plcacemats look so yummy. I love having a fully decorated eating space filled with yummy looking food. The placemats, apples, peaches and Juice jar are all part of the Hampton Bay BBQ set new for Chez Moi Furniture at the Très Chic event going on now. There is several food options for your picky eaters! Dessert, Chicken and Steak are just a few options and ones you see here. I do have some older food items from the store but the quality is so superb you cannot tell. I even have some chicken cooking in the BBQ. You can set the timer for how long it will cook as well. I am always looking forward to new releases from Chez Moi. The items are always so nice and high quality. The quality of the items that you use for your space is so important! They can really make a space look realistic if they have nice detailing. I love the glasses or red wine. I got all of the cute drinks you see from Fancy Decor. They can easily be on any type of table. I just wanted to set up a bountiful feast today!
I truly think everyone on SL is a foodie.  You can mention new things coming out all of the time and get mixed reactions but anytime I mention food everyone is happy! lol Including myself! It just brings us all together. Like...Thanksgiving really. I really love blogging and I felt it wouldn't be right to not show yall the picnic table closer with the food. I love decorating and putting extra touches on every space I decorate so I hope yall have enjoyed this part two! Thank you so much for your support. Feel free to follow me on Flickr and bookmark this blog! Stay Tuned! xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Hampton Bay BBQ Picnic Set- New at Très Chic!
Hampton Placemat- Chez Moi
Hamburger Tray Party CHEZ MOI
Apple Basket CHEZ MOI
Peaches Basket CHEZ MOI
Très Chic Event-

Orange Cake CHEZ MOI
Hampton Hamburger Tray CHEZ MOI
Juice Jar CHEZ MOI
Chez Moi Mainstore-

Fancy Decor: Demitasse
Fancy Decor: Stemless Wineglass
Fancy Decor: Stemless  Waterglass
dust bunny . spicy fiesta . grilled corn
dust bunny . spicy fiesta . fresh tortillas
dust bunny . spicy fiesta . chips & guac

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