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Hello there! I hope all is well! It's October so be prepared for me to have some spooky posts in my post schedule this month! Fun Fact: I do not celebrate Halloween. But, I will be having some Halloweenish type posts this month. Nothing too crazy. Well, I don't think they are too crazy. LOL I guess it's totally personal perception at this point. Today my space features aliens! Who doesn't love Aliens!? lol These are cute and the items in this new set called "They are coming"from KraftWork inspired me to do a vibrant/galactic office space! This Gacha key is new at the newest round of Shiny Shabby. The desktop computers are the rares! It's in either pink or blue as well. I used both colors in this space. You are seeing a combo of two skyboxes from Anxiety here. I modded some and combined them. They have this neon pink color inside which was perfect for my post. So I used what I needed from both skyboxes. My title comes from one of my favorite rap albums. LOL In case anyone is wondering. The Aliens made me think about it. I just wanted a spooky feel. Who says spooky spaces have to be dark. This neon space really hits the spot. I added neon flowers from Nomad and a nice fluffy rug to break up some of the pink.
This week is going by pretty quick. It's hard to believe Thursday is here! This week is going by and I am packing it with brand new spaces and posts! The one thing I will always love about SL is that you can have any space you want. There is no wrong way to do your own space. You can have the fanciest house or you can have a shack if you please and with the high quality of mesh these shacks be pretty nice. LOL ijs. This space was fun for me to decorate! I hope you like it enough to get your own aliens!! I am done rambling for today but I appreciate you stopping by. Feel feel free to follow me on Flickr and bookmark this blog! Thank you so much for the support! Have a blessed day! xoxo <3333 Ebony
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

KraftWork- They are Coming- New- Shiny Shabby Event- 

KraftWork They Are Coming Planet Poster
KraftWork They Are Coming Angry Aliens
KraftWork They Are Coming Chair
KraftWork They Are Coming Table
RARE KraftWork They Are Coming Desktop Pink
KraftWork They Are Coming Table Planet
KraftWork They Are Coming Plastic Protection

{ V I N C U E } Furry+Carpet - Mint
NOMAD // Neon Plant // Pink
anxiety- ouch & Goodnight Skyboxes

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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