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Hello there!!! I hope all is well! I was going to post this tomorrow but why not today while I am sitting here? lol So let's get this posted! I am here featuring MudHoney today in this cozy space in the Suffolk Beach hut by Trompe Loeil. I was inspired by the Sawyer bench u see in the middle. I like using items in different ways. You typically see benches outside or in public spaces. But this one is really nice and it can be the feature sitting piece in any home easily. The animations in it are very nice. I am very big on animations. No one expects me to rez furniture with lame animations. LOL So, I tend to just chill in furniture stores to see if they have nice animations in things before I buy anything. Please note the fatpack of the Sawyer bench comes with a bonus 8 Colors yall! So, you get a ton of color options in the fatpack to fit any space. I had a hard time firguring out what color I wanted to use but went with Gray! Gray is an awesome neutral color and when textured this nice it is easy to decorate with. The bench is new and available at the Illuminate event until the 13th! I really like the event of course because it is home and garden themed and to me we cannot have too many of those. Please, do not be surprised to seeing me use some of the decor items again in the near future. Some of these are my favorites and they are so versatile they fit in any space and I love throwing them all over the place. Like for instant the pillows! I love these pillows! Plus, everything in here is so low land impact. The bench is 2 land impact yall. lol The delilah chairs to the side? 4 land impact! You do not have to be prim poor in 2018!!! The pillows are just 1 each and the chandelier is 1 prim. You can do a space up and have prims left! Trust me I go wild sometimes. LOL
I have many small decor items in here from Apple Fall including the crystal lamp. I can never have too many small decor items. I have a few pieces in here from Balaclava!! A mirror on the back feature wall and a trunk under the bench. I tend to add decor under chairs if I can sometimes. But, It just goes with what mood you want really. I like having feature walls in spaces if possible. But, of course you don't have to have a feature wall and can decorate more minimal. In the future I might do some mini posts with more simple living spaces. One of my friends brought up to me that some people prob like simple spaces or can only have a few small items in there space so I want to cater to that as well sometimes. I try to keep my blog versatile so that every one can see items they like in the posts. You can always take any space I decorate and make them your own, more masculine or more girly. The sky is always the limits when you decorate on sl and I love doing it. I have the credits down below as always to each item. I am excited to show you what I have in store please stay tuned and bookmark me so you can keep up to date with this blog. Also, feel free to add me on Flickr and follow me there!!! Thank you so much for the support! It is always appreciated! Have a blessed day. Peace and Blessings< 3333 Ebony 

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


MudHoney Sawyer Bench - Fatpack- Illuminate Event-
MudHoney Delilah Chair Adult - Gray
MudHoney Briley Fringe Rug
MudHoney Ella Cabinet - greige
MudHoney Ella End Table - greige
MudHoney Tula Chandelier - Pewter
MudHoney Padded Headboard

Apple Fall Joanne Crystal Lamp
Apple Fall Plaster Horse
Apple Fall 'Elvira' Rose Tea
Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
Apple Fall Natural Apples
AF Preserved Poppies
hive // macrame hanging plant . white
~BAZAR~Berlin-book table
BALACLAVA!! Downes Trunk Table
BALACLAVA!! Clarke Mirror (Silver)
Fancy Decor: Ceramic Lamp (White/Silver)
{vespertine} - moss terarium type 1
{vespertine} - succulent terrarium / type 1
{vespertine} - bubble succulent terrarium / type 1
hive // macrame hanging plant . white
Soy. Glass cloche with Mushrooms
brocante. windmill wall decor
Compulsion Topiary Planter
{what next} Toasty Slippers (Group Gift)
The Loft - Meyer Pillow
dust bunny . pom pom blanket
floorplan. tub of apples
Trompe Loeil - Free Pillow Toss Wall Tintable
Trompe Loeil - Suffolk Beach Hut Sussex

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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