Majesty- Puget Sound Living. Part.Two

Hello there!! I hope all is well. Happy Friday!!! TGIF!! I am here with more of the KraftWork Pugent Sound retreat home new at the 6º Republic event . I told yall I decorate whole spaces. I just had to show the outside patio as well. One pic wouldn't do for this post. SO, part two is here! The patio is filled with decor, furniture, and refreshments! There is a bench area at the end of the patio which I used for pillows from dust bunny and a planter which I used this flowers from apple fall. It was crazy because I wasn't sure if adding everything would make the picture too busy or not but I wanted to show yall the whole space! :) This home is so nice yall. I cannot say it enough. I love the style and the texures are really high quality. It can be anything your heart desires! I have it more as a living/entertainment space but you can do anything in here. Please note there is a staircase to the rooftop and you can utilize that as extra space as well. The chairs I am using are from The Loft and they are really nice. I got them some time ago and to add to them I put pillows. I love pillows!
The lemonade cart has a dispenser so you can relax and drink in style. It is from What Next! The food also dispenses and it's from {BE}. I typically use dispense only food in spaces and everyone is so used to that. LOL Some decor food I come across is so nice that I get it anyways if it doesn't dispense but I really prefer dispensable things. The wall hanging is from TA and it's awesome. You can choose different colors combos but I wanted to keep it neutral. It will make a nice focal impact on any space. Do not be surprised to see me use it in different spaces! This is the last post for this 2 part series but I have more to show you! I will not ramble long today. I have stuff to do but I appreciate your time and you stopping by! I hope you saw something that would help make your perfect space perfect. :) Thank you truly so much for the support. Have a blessed day. xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


KraftWork Puget Sound Retreat & Sundry-6º Republic
KraftWork Puget Sound Pouffe Light-6º Republic

The Loft - Verano Armchair Teak
The Loft & Aria - Rochester Firepit
The Loft - Iman Table Teak
The Loft - Trellis Lamp Raw Linen
The Loft - Meyer Pillow
TA Polaris Wall Panel (Menu)
Onsu ~ "Night Soil" Planter ~ D
[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner Tap (silver) / Lager
Trompe Loeil - Adelaide Party Light Blue
La Galleria -Ivory Shag Rug MESH
.peaches. Gettin' Kicks Fridge - REG
dust bunny . darling sectional cushion . brown . pg
Apple Fall Oxeye Daisy Patch
Poche mugicha bottle
Botanical - Boxwood Hedge v2 M (Straight 2x1x1)
Botanical - Boxwood Bush v2 K (Cone 3x3x4)
{what next} Dahlia Outdoor Drinks Cart (tintable wood)
{BE} Fish and chips
{BE} Burger & French fries (Click to Vend)
[NikotiN] Tuber Machine - DIY
{vespertine} - bubble succulent terrarium / type 2
{vespertine} - teardrop succulent terrarium / type 2

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