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Hello there! I hope all is well! Happy May to you! This is my first post of many for this month! I hope yall didn't think I had run away! I've just been busy and working on blog posts. So, get ready for some new stuff!Starting this month off with Jian! Yall know I love me some Jian pets! So. I am happy to be featuring these awesome Precious ponies available at the Epiphany event!! I had a lil time trying to figure out where I wanted to put my new ponies and I ended up in the shed I have used a lil bit back for my Hay Day Post. It's also by Jian and really detailed. Do not be surprised to see these ponies in different spaces in the future including inside homes because I am rezzing them everywhere. LOL All of the posts featuring Jian this series will be including me. I typically do them with just the pets but I just feel I fit in and I am having so much fun with my new pets. lol I didn't change my clothes for each post either. I just wore what I had on for the day. However, I did add the paint to myself to match my painted pony today. The ponies you see with me are all rares and the sleeping pony is the Epiphany prize. You can get it when you have 25 points from the event. That is one thing I have always liked about this event. Now we all get gacha stuff and either hoard it, give it away or just delete it. I love that you can turn in items you do not need for points to get things you will actually use. The ponies come in several different colors and there is wanderers, companions, and rideable ones. I was going to be on a rideable one here but I feel too big to be on it. LOL!!!! I prob can resize but nah. I am enjoying sitting around with them. The perfect place to chill and work on organizing my inventory. lol When you say do a trick they each have their own trick. Not the sleeping one. He is happily asleep. lol They are so cute yall and full of personality which you always get with Jian pets.
I am wearing a Romper from [Cynful] and it's available in a billion colors. It was hard picking what color I was i the mood for today but I went with red. It has plain or options with pretty leaves on them. My wig is from Analog dog. One of my sister's favs to wear. We are twinnies when I put it on. It is hard to find curly hair styles that look nice and don't look noobyish. Typically any little bit of flexi looks noob to me but not this wig. It's really cute and I will never get rid of everything I have flexi. Nostalgic reasons and memories. When I first logged onto SL I saw a girl with a beautiful flexi dress moving in the wind and that will always stay with me. My painted pony can actually take some credit for my painted look.  He has 3 different paint textures. The one you see here with handprints, Flowers ans stripes! The rares also change to all of the different coat colors as well. I put the gacha key below so you can have a good look at them!Okay, I need to get going. Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to bookmark me and follow me on Flickr! You are appreciated. Have a blessed day! xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


JIAN Precious Ponies 2. Painted Pony RARE
JIAN Precious Ponies 3. Bows n' Brushies RARE
JIAN Precious Ponies 1. Mini Stall RARE
JIAN Precious Ponies *EPP* Sleeping Pony
JIAN Highland Cattle Shed

{Lil Big Me} -Paint Hand Prints
Kuro & [Con.] - Shaw's Painting Cabinet Dark
+Half-Deer+- (don't cry over) Spilled Paint - Stars
Apple Fall- Paint Tins
*alirium* -DownyGrass [Green]
[keke]-hanging bulbs

On Me: 

[Cynful] Antheia Romper , Candela's Necklace & Empress Necklace- Store Location-
Jian- Guinea pig

Tiny Things- Body Paint
Analog Dog- Soca wig
Pose Manics- Jizz 1 pose- (The holding anim for my Guinea pig is automatic when you hold him)

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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