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Hello there I am so freaking excited to show yall my food stand from Kraftwork!! It took everything in me not to nc Nodnol and beg her to let me buy it b4 it came out! LOL!!! I didn't wanna wait a day or 2 to buy it at the cosmopolitan event but I got in right on the 31st of last month. LOL SO, I didn't have to wait until the 1st or send a embarrassing nc. The Christmas season ran off with my change and I am brokety broke. But, I HAD to have this food truck! The price is amazing. I was shocked to see it for only 199L. I have a ton of food yall. Dispensable and ones just for decor. What should I use!!! This is a good issue to have Yes! This Alder Pod Food Stand is only 12 land impact/prims yall! Your food you fill it with will be more prims! LOL! Well, I know my food will be more prims. I was going to stick it in my kitchen but it won't work. SO plan B is an outdoor space. I like to RP so I set up a neighborhood along with a Firehouse. I was going to choose just 1 picture for this post as I prefer just doing one now. But, I couldn't decide between these 2. I want yall to see to see the stand close but then the 2nd one show yall how it looks in scenery surrounded by some of my city setup.

Right by the fire station just seems like the perfect place to have a Food Stand. So I went with it. It is also from Kraftwork and it's really big. It comes with 2 buildings but I just used the main one. The doors slide up and everything it's really nice. You can easily use this as a city building in a roleplay community or you can even use it as a house, bar or even a club. This building is versatile and can be used for many many purposes yall. If you are done with the same types of buildings over and over you should check Kraftwork out. The variety is awesome and I am always waiting to see what comes out next. My goal food wise was to use only dispensable food of course but I do have some that look purrrty to just have here also. But most of the items you see dispense food. It took me a good minute to figure out which food I wanted to have in this stand. I had so many good options. A good problem to have. I wanted to show this amazing food stand in the best way possible.  I put all the credits below of course! Thank you so much for stopping by and have a blessed weekend!! xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


KraftWork Alder Pod Food Stand
KraftWork Easy Like Sunday Morning
KraftWork Firehouse (only main building)
KraftWork Banana Barrier
Aphrodite grandmas pecan & apple pies dispenser
Aphrodite pink donuts Dispenser
Aphrodite caramel donuts Dispenser

{BE} Cereal bowl Stack
{BE} Picture flame *Donuts*
{BE} Picture frame *Gelato*
{BE} Burger & French fries (Click to Vend)
{BE} Fish and chips
{BE} Delizioso Pizza 
{what next} Colonna Muffins Decor
{what next} Colonna Mug Stand
{what next} Colonna Syrup Bottles
{what next} Sierra Smores Platter
{what next} Victoria Sponge Slice - Group Gift
{what next} Hot Chocolate Jar Dispenser
{what next} Hot Apple Cider  Jar Dispenser
{what next} Colonna Tabletop Easel
{what next} Colonna Beverage Extras (marshmallows)
{what next} S'mores Tiered Tray
{what next} Guitar Case Sign
Poche Warm roll cabbage pot-au-feu poche
Poche Strawberry tart of spring Blueberry
Poche Strawberry tart of spring mint
Poche mugicha bottle
dust bunny . wanderlust . apple pie
dust bunny . shortbread cookies
.random.Matter. - Fruit Patbingsoo
.random.Matter. - Caramel Patbingsoo
[MB] OBANZAI -karaage Server - (Fried chicken)
Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles
Apple Fall Ceramic Bowls
[Con.] Boneyard Soda Machine - RUST - FLF
:CP: Roll in the Hay Light String
Hive String Lights set

These are the items you only see in the full picture-

Full pic-
KraftWork Rolling Puns - Shot Serif
HPMD* optional snow ground (dark)
--ANHELO-M27AG-171GA :: moving stall (ash gray)
BALACLAVA!! Signal Decor - Walk/Black B
BackBone Streetlamp with Snowflake - Silver
:Fanatik Architecture: Snow plane 2
trompe loeil water bucket decor emerson
NOMAD // "EXIT" Wall Lamp 02
[Con.] Tilbury Roadster - white
.:revival:. park bench harvest moon
Hayabusa Design Trembles Tree M17-4 v1-1

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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