Majesty- Happy Hour

Hello there! I have a new post featuring Jian & Apple May designs today! Inspired by the color blue:)  I cannot honestly say how many Jian pets I have. But, I typically wear them and have them all over many spaces I decorate. I am always big eyed waiting for the next release. lol These Kitsunes are one of the newest from Jian now at the Lootbox event. You can get companions, wanderers, neck huggers and head clinger versions. I am using all versions except the head clinger in this post. I will put the full gacha key pic below so you can see everything. They are so colorful and I love how their tails move and the animations are superb. I am wearing a new outfit/set from Apple May Designs in blueeeee. If you get the fatpack you will have many nice colors to choose from. It's only for Maitreya and it made me dust mine off. LOL I honestly took this outfit from Apple. She looked all dolled up in this blue and I ran with it. You can wear it 2 different ways as it has a nice bodysuit or you can wear it as I am showing with the skirt. Very versatile outfit. I have on the holiday boots in the same rich blue color but there is of course more colors available as well. I am wearing my maitreya body today just so I can wear this outfit. So, I had to make an updated shape since I haven't worn it in a long time. This updated version gives me the ability to be bigger I believe. Still not the same size as usual but way better than it was the last time I wore this sucker. I literally saw Apple in this outfit and put the same thing on and we were twinning the rest of the day. LOL I am so appreciative that she keeps making things in blue :)
The twinkling lights are from Cheeky pea and I have them on walls and floors. I love throwing sparkly things all over the place. The mighty burgers the kitsunes below me have are from Pew Pew. I just wished they dispensed food. Yall know how I am with dispensable food. But this burger is so nice I had to have it anyways. Plus, they seem to like it :) The bar set and stools are from Trompe Loeil and has different versions to use to fit your space. I got the backdrop from anxiety.  I went crazy getting backdrops when they first started coming out. But as you see I still end up decorating them. LOL Honestly, I started buying them so I could be lazy when I do fashion posts but the gag is I still decorate them like a normal space. w.e I can't help it. I have a ton of them and they can be quite primmy so it's hard to know what all you really have. But, this one was low prim and it fit what I was going for. I want to thank you so much for stopping by! feel free to bookmark and and follow me on Flickr! Thank you so much and have a blessed day! xoxo <333333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


On Me: 
Apple May Designs- Holiday boots fatpack

EF: Rhapsody Bracelet LEFT
little bones. Naomi
S.E Tokyo Style Makeup Collection Eyes & Lips

Trompe Loeil- Chalkboard bar set with Barstools and neon signs
[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner Tap & glass  (gold) / Lager
Pewpew! Mighty Burger Plate
:CP: (Cheeky pea)- Vetur Twinkling Stars
anxiety- Backdrop %f25
oOo- Elizabeta Two pose

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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