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Hello there! I am here featuring Apple May Designs and Chez Moi! I previously blogged the Wedding set from Chez Moi at the Trunk show. But this Athena gown seemed perfect for the surroundings so I decided to take a picture and capture the moment. After Christmas by looking at the dates on my blog you might think I took a break. But, I really didn't. I have been busy. I tend to stay busy. One thing you will never hear me say is "I am Bored". When my friends or family members say that to me I give them so much grief!  I never have a reason to say that! There is always something going on and always something for me to do. Time just goes by so fast. I always say it is the one precious commodity we have. It really is and as we get older you realize it more. I am so glad that it is getting colder here and I hope it continues through Spring. It's just been too warm here. I had a mosquito chasing me in December yall. Just because it has gotten cold all of sudden doesn't wipe away the fact that I was chased by a mosquito just last month during Winter. LOL So I am all about cold cold weather to get rid of those horrible things.It can stay like this all the way past Spring if I had my way. I honestly prefer Winter to Summer. My hair doesn't act a fool in the Winter. LOL I would say I miss sandals but I prefer boots. But we all can find good and bad within each weather change. This dress comes 12 pretty colors. I have on white. You have the ability to change the color of the sash with the fatpack. It is for Maitreya Lara, Hourglass, & Freya/Isis mesh bodies. There is a demo available if you want to see how you will look in it first. But it's so pretty and elegant.
I am enjoying decorating snowy spaces on here. I prob won't even change my home to Spring when it comes around. I just like everything snowy for now. But, it's obviously personal preference and if you feel like putting that work in to change everything back. LOL I think when the snow time comes it a good way to bring some change from all of the greenery we typically use. I will not say that I prefer snow. But, it does give more of a magical mood which I think is perfect for a nice and beautiful wedding. You can hire a decorator but you can get this set instead and put your own touches to your special day without one. This set offers you many options. I want to thank you for stopping by. I do appreciate your time! I will list credits below! Thank you and have a blessed day. xoxo <3333 Ebony

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Apple May Designs- Athena Gown-Mainstore-

Pose- AUSHKA&CO- Hanna Pose 09
Little Bones- Willa
EF: Rhapsody Bracelets
FORMANAILS Russian Almond Nails


Be Mine Wedding Collection CHEZ MOI- Trunk show event-The Trunk Event-
Aphrodite Shop-  big lights & petals area (From the Magical Winter Dessert table gacha key)
Aphrodite Wedding cake Mr & Mrs Silver simple - Mainstore-

MI (Mesh India) Winter Snow Tree 1 (Deco(c)rate December)
+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons - Garden Party - Group
HPMD* Garden Tree09 with Lights - snowy c
HPMD* optional snow ground (dark)
Soy. A Snow Covered Cliff [Middle] for large use
[ keke ] rainfall glitter broad . 4 LI

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