Majesty- New showroom at the Cynful sim!!!!!

Yayyyy! Let me start off by saying yay. A brand spanking new Majesty location is now open at the beautiful Cynful sim! I am right beside Apple May's store which in itself is amazing since Apple doesn't do satellite stores at all so this was a major exception! I am so excited! This location has taken me longer to set up since I have been doing projects, working on this blog, redoing my main house and having to balance my actual RL! Some people think I am an robot that is an extension of my computer. But contrary to popular belief I am an actual human who feels like wonder woman! lol I also still have my original location to work on. But now there is 2 locations fully open and two totally different showroom examples & I don't feel as rushed to set up the last one lol. This showroom is somewhat narrow like the one on Fruitatious so I first had to figure out what I exactly wanted to do and this is the final concept. When I was a noob ages ago. Longer than you see on SL. I truly hated to mod and was horrible at it. But I learned to have things different and in my own way I had to modify things. Now here I am actually doing it with something I love to do! I truly thank everyone who has been so supportive of me. Those who have come by the store. My truly amazing friends that understand me sometimes being too busy and my afkish moments. Since they themselves are busy and have lives to also lead... we are so perfect together. I have gained so much inspiration from everyone and the amazing feedback and the love gives me the boost to always improve and get better. I thank everyone for that. I set up a living room and bedroom studio set up. It has info boards and a mailbox to contact me. Please be patient as it might take me a lil while to respond.

If you are here on my blog for the first time. Majesty is a interior/exterior decorating service in-world of course. I do all spaces big & small. Commercial and Residential. My showrooms are a way for you to see my work other than just the pictures on my blog and my Flickr to see if you would be interested in me decorating your own magical space. The Cynful location is 2 rooms complete with info boards to get more info and my Fruitatious showroom is 3 stories each with a different theme. The living room is smaller at Fruitatious so I did a bigger one at my second location. Feel free to stop by and have a look at both locations and save landmarks. I really appreciate it!!! I want to thank the owners of the Cynful sim for letting my craziness invade their space. Thank you Cynthia & Promise<3 I would also like to thank my most recent clients. It was a wonderful experience <3 God Bless
Stay Fierce* Stay Blessed

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