Bohemian Nights

Hello there time for  new home décor post!!! I hope everyone has had a chance to go down to my new showroom for Majesty at the Cynful sim! I am so excited! Today I am featuring this beautiful tent set called the Gypsy Couple tent and it is very beautiful with rich and vibrant colors. It also comes with many animations. I actually sat in it and had a glass of wine lol. Funny because we went out this weekend and tasted some wine. I am just not a alcohol person. But I will drink it in sl like a champ people! lol So many things you can get to go with this tent such as the lovely hanging lanterns I am using. These items and more are now available at the Tres Chic event. I am also using the two of the carpets that are also available. Everything Is so versatile you could easily use the carpets in your home or business also. I am feeling the whole boho vibe and of course I had to have lush greenery and sunflowers. It just wouldn't be right if I didn't use them. I would have felt weird honestly lol.

But this set and the many extras are worth having. Go down and have a look! I am going to try to do another post for this week! I truly thank everyone for stopping by! Have a wonderful and amazing week! Feel free to bookmark this blog and visit often! I really appreciate it.

                                                         Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Party Lanterns, The Gypsies Tent & Happy Moods colorful carpets- Aphrodite shop- Tres chic event-

Boombox- RO- Remarkable Oblivion
Flowers-Little branch
Trees-Hayabusa Design & Little branch


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