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Hello there!! Time for a new home décor post! I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but in mine it is hot!!!! So I am not going to ramble a lot today so I can get me some ice cream! lol I am featuring some new items from Kalopsia and some new favorites! The Old summer entry way is now at Kustom 9. I could have actually used these pieces as the title says. But, that is just not me. I just redid the upstairs of my home and I wanted a clean crisp feel. You might notice the loveseat and flowers I blogged not too long ago. They are truly new favorites of mine and I am sticking them everywhere! Plus you can see a new take on a space with these beautiful items today! They really help make this room. The entry way set comes with a mirrors with and without photos. I am using the one with. You get baskets with cloths, flowers or a simple plain basket you can add little trinkets or flowers in. You also get the beautiful tables you see my flowers sitting on towards the side of my sitting room.

These beautiful items are versatile and can be used anywhere you can imagine. I am also using items from the Pile up mini set which is also from Kalopsia and was for the neighborhood this past weekend. I tend to not use items from multiple events in one post. I know a lot of bloggers use many items at once like that. But, these items are so beautiful together that I had to incorporate them in my new space. Do not be surprised to see them again in the near future with other posts since I love them so much. There is no doubt that it is Summer! It is so freaking hot outside. I wouldn't go out unless you really have to. I had to so I am salty atm!!! lol I want to thank you for stopping by today. My ice cream is calling my name atm so I am gonna finish my post! Please feel free to bookmark this blog and follow me on my Flickr! Thank you in advance! I hope everyone has an awesome week!

                                                        Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Old Summer Entryway- Kalopsia - Kustom 9 event-
Pile up Mini set- Kalopsia- Mainstore-
Brit's Loveseat, Arabella's drapes, Topiaries, Potted plant, & Potpourri also from Kalopsia
Sheep & Deer- D-lab
Scrabble- Apple Fall
Rug- Bazar
Build- Scarlet Creative


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