Majesty- Lay with you

Hello there! I hope all is well. I am here today with a bedroom Suite. This space is very versatile. I can see a male or female easily settling in.I am featuring Kalopsia at Collabor88 with this set.  The bed is texture change and I could have went for a white space...with thick white drapes and lace canopies around it. It would make it more feminine easily. You can do many feels and styles with this. The sky is the limit. It can be more masculine or feminine easily. It just depends on what you are going for. I was inspired by black. The garlands that come with the set are a string of Triangles and I had the idea of making them into wall decor like a wallpaper all through the room on all of the walls. I just set them up and linked/copied them to give the wall the texture I wanted. Then I added all kinds of nice decor to go with more of a black/subtle gold/silver space. My little bear is is one I love using from time to time to add a bit of cuteness to a space. He is from Pewpew. The lighted dome that gives the space some sparkle is from Consignment. The pouf is from Pewpew and the cloches on the floor are from Apple Fall. I used many decor items from quite a good man stores this go around. Different creators but they go so well together. I really enjoy doing black, black and white, or monochrome spaces. Bold without being bright. Easy on the eyes as well.
I love texture change items. They can really inspire the space and this bed really did. I used the Hudson from from Loft and Area for the flooring. The texture is really nice. I decorating this room in the newest Scarket Creative build that's at C88. I actually decorated the whole house and the last post you saw with the Closet was also in this home. It's really nice and I like the dark walls. You can really make this space your own and the house was a steal. I am not going to ramble long today. Time has really flown by. We were watching a show that normally lasts an hr and the sucker was going on for three hours. It didn't say it was a special or anything but you can tell when a show is going longer than normal. I just didn't know it was trying to go as long as the titanic movie! LOL!!! Craziness. Well, Happy Monday to all of you!!! I hope this brand new week treats you well. Thank you so much for the support. I appreciate it so much. Have a blessed day and week ahead. xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
Kalopsia - Cami's Bed 
Kalopsia - Cami's Garland 
Collabor88 Event-
Kalopsia - Arrow Curtains 
Kalopsia Mainstore-

[Con.] Light up Dome 
Pewpew! Sleepy v1 - Hollow Mad Teddy (Decor)
Pewpew! Leather Pouf - Black
Apple Fall Snowdrops in Cloche
Apple Fall Natural Sea Sponges in Cloche
Apple Fall Square Lead Planter w/ Lion Head WITH TOPIARY
Apple Fall Coral Lid Jar w/ Bath Bombs
Apple Fall Plaster Horse
Fancy Decor: Durer Lamp (silver)
Fancy Decor: Callot Cabinet
Fancy Decor: Bonham Chandelier (silver)
~Bazar~ Traveler-Night stand
NOMAD // Black Rose Petals 08
NOMAD // Clean Propeller Fan // Wall
The Loft - Hudson Rug
The Loft - This is the Life
floorplan. departure board
tarte. hanging light B (long)
ARIA - Amberleigh Hydrangeas In a Vase
7 - A903 Mini Keyboard
TA Challenge Chess Set
[Tia] Bear floor rug 4
Scarlet Creative -Prairie Cream Blue Bonus Cottage

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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