Majesty- Merry Christmas (2017)

Hello there! I hope all is well. I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas holiday. Thank you so much for all of the support this year. With a new year comes many more opportunities and ways to grow. I always do a Christmas post and I didn't have to think hard of which dress to wear. I won this rare dress from Pixicat at an epiphany round while trying to get the black version! I love wearing black to a point where I get fussed at to buy different colors. So you know what I do? I buy other colors AND the black. LOL So, I basically buy black but if the item comes in more colors I get them also. Black just matches anything! So the perfect time for this dress in white is now in celebration of Christmas. I wore a red one last year. So, I just didn't want to wear the same color anyways.I look back at that post from last year remembering that I didn't like my face. I posted it and was like well crap I don't like that face. But I had no time to go in and retake it so I just went with it. I looked hard this go around so it's all good yall! I am pleased with myself. LOL The beautiful animals with me are from Jian. I love how the deer have different textures so you can rez them all year long. I have them on snowy here. The Dove holiday banner is a must have. It has different textures so you can have them show different things like Peace or Happy Holidays but I had to have Merry Christmas on mine. It was hard on here finding things that said Merry Christmas so I am thankful that Jian made this awesome banner with that option. The doves or animated but you can cut that off if you want. It is an amazing thing to see and I love the fact there is a plain texture version so you can use it for any occasion throughout the year as you so please.
The trees are from Action and Apple Fall.  I love the soft sparkle. I have posted so many trees this year and I didn't post all of the new ones I have if you can believe it! I even put 2 different ones in one post lol. You can never have too many Christmas trees. My necklace is from [Cynful] The holiday set includes earrings and an amazing color change hud. You cannot see my earrings as my wig is too big and covering them. LOL The chandies are from [ keke ] along with the rainfall glitter I put along the fireplace and floor. I will be using these all year. They are my go to sparkle items and I love using them. My tiara/crown is from LaGyo. I am using the Kenna Cabin from Trompe Loeil. I will have full credits below. I won't be back until after Christmas yall. But, I have some amazing things in the works. I look back at my work from years ago. I even had a look at my old (original) blog. My pics are not as nice but I still have the same passion and love for decorating which carries on now. I just able now to show it better. My gbb is going to delete her older posts from her Flickr to show only her new ones. But, I like to keep mine up. I am proud of my old pics as well as my new ones. They just show how much I have improved and I am proud of that. As long as you have the love of what you do whatever comes from that is amazing. With time, work and effort we will all improve. Let's improve together :) Thank you so much for everything. Your time, views, support, feedback and love. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year. See you soon. Love, xoxo <3333 Ebony Cyberstar

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


JIAN Dove Holiday Banner ( Horizontal )
JIAN Fallow Buck Static - Blink
JIAN Fallow Buck Static - Scratch
[Cynful] Concrete Love Necklace 

[ keke ] glitter chandelier . gold . 4LI . 3m
[ keke ] rainfall glitter broad . 4 LI
Action Fur Real Decorator Tree [SNOWY]
Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree - Flocked
MudHoney Noelle Metal Tree - Antique
BackBone Garland - Faded with Gold Snowflake
HPMD* optional snow ground (dark)
:CP: Lanai Large Mirror Cloud

On me:

[HJ] Girl's Best Friend Bracelet and Ring
LaGyo_Aldis Tiara
little bones. Harlow 
Studio Exposure-Tokyo Style Makeup (Lipstick)
-Pixicat- Soiree.Gown - Light -RARE
Pose- oOo- Melody_Two

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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