Majesty- Goodbye 2017

Hello I hope all is well! This post is just a simple goodbye to 2017. I am thrilled to welcome in a new year. I hope you and yours will have a blessed year! Blog wise I think I improved the most with using shadows and better lighting. Which are some of the things I am currently still working at being better at. Camera angle is also one of the things I try to get better at with each blog post. It makes a huge difference on how yall see the things that I blog. I did a good many blog posts this year and I am super proud of that! I have all of these pictures and draft pictures saved on my comp so I am cleaning them out. It's like a billion of them! lol Sometimes I can take a pic easily over a dozen times b4 I am satisfied with it. I am working  as fast as humanly possible on blog posts for the new year and for January! So far it will be mainly home decor with some fashion posts. I looked at my old posts from way way back yall. My old Wordpress blog I had before this one. SO many moons ago. I went from simple little furniture decor. Just a sofa set with not much extra decor and now I am very attentive to every little detail. The old pics I have on this blog are bad enough. I will not be showing my first blogs raggedy pics to look back on. That would truly be too much sharing at that point! But, it proves as long as you have the ambition and you want to do it you can accomplish anything. You can be pretty much anything you want on here. Some doors and opportunities might slam in your face sometimes but there will always be others. Never let anything discourage you from your goals. Never give up on a goal or a dream that you would like to pursue.Just continue to do what you love and put 100% into it and at the end of the day you can be proud of what you do.
I never thought I would have been blogging this long. It has become a real way of expressing myself and my creativity in a way I never imagined when I first started. Do what makes you happy!  I will continue to blog and post as much as I possibly can this year. I almost got burned out at one point when I was doing the blog and a billion other things. I had to get in control of that and scale back a bit. I strive to be superwoman at times. But at the end of the day I am one person. I have many goals set for this new year and I am making a list with goal dates. You can do anything if you put your mind to it and I am gonna go full force!I hope any goals that you set for yourself will also be accomplished.

I want to thank everyone that follows me and bookmarks me here and on Flickr for joining me on this journey and for your support! I truly thank you so much. I appreciate you, your time and your stopping by. I cannot say that enough! I also want to thank the stores that I feature for believing in my creativity and in me. I enjoy showing your amazing products in the best way possible and I appreciate every one of you. May you all have a blessed and successful 2018. Peace & Blessings! xoxo <3333333 Ebony

Note: I took this pic the same day I took my Merry Christmas post picture. You can see my look fully at this blog post link along with credits. <3

New post coming soon!!!!!!! 


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