Majesty- Let It Snow

Hello there!!! This month is all about Christmas for me. Some RL family bdays are in there also but LOL Christmas season is here! I have some awesome things to talk about today. I have full details in credits below of course. But, I feel like rambling a bit as I am so excited! I have recently seen some copies of the styles from booN. At the end of the day they are bad knockoffs. You cannot compare the quality and textures to the original. I had to double take lol. Like don't I have a wig similar to this style with a nicer texture and better execution ?!?! LOL It looks likes booN's ads are a source of inspiration for people a little too much. Lord have mercy. Gotta love SL. With that being said I am wearing one of my fav braid styles  from booN of course. My boots and Hairpiece are from Apple May Designs! The hairpiece is also available in blue/white. They colors are both cute so it was a hard choice. Obviously in the end I decided red was the way to go. The boots have many colors in the fatpack and the red matches my outfit perfectly! There is so many shades of red that I was worried I would have to wear white instead but the red matches my dress and fur vest from [Cynful]. There is a billion colors available and you be matchy with the fur and dress or just go with your mood. I have been wearing the dress separate from the vest as well. Everything here is so versatile and of course with fatpacks you can change the colors to fit any mood with a click of your mouse!
My lil gingerbread guy I got from the Tannenbaum event. He is dressed for the occasion with his little bow tie. The decor is mainly from Chez Moi. The tree farm and ski lift.The lift has animations but I wanted to stand. A must have for this season! My space wouldn't be complete without a Jian animal. I got this snow bird from the fence set and just placed him on top of the tree. He is really cool. He starts out with no snow on him and it appears after a few mins and he shakes it off!!! Mind you I have snow going so it is pretty awesome to see. My pose is from Belleposes! I missed many of the black friday sales and was shocked to see Belleposes still had one going and you know us bloggers need poses! I found so many nice ones it was hard to pick but I got all of my favs! The cabin is from Trompe Loeil and yall will see it throughout my Let is snow "Cozy Cottage series". I hope everyone has been having a blessed holiday season. I will be posting mainly holiday themed posts but with different feels to them. Bold ones, not so bold ones. LOL You don't have to be red and green like me to show off your Christmas spirit and I hope to show that during my next posts.  Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you 1000%. Peace and Blessings <333333333 xoxo Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


On Me:

Apple May Designs- Holiday Boots- Tannenbaum event-
Apple May Designs- Holiday Head piece-Shiny Shabby event-
[Cynful] Candela's Dress - Tannenbaum event-
[Cynful] Candela's Fur Vest- also at the Tannenbaum event!
booN Cornrows Hairbase A
booN OUG121 Hair

Belleposes Gabi #6
MishMish Gingerbread Cutie Companion - Original
[Formanails] Russian Almond Nails
Amala- The Kylie Choker- Thick
Heartsdale Jewellery- Girl's Best Friend Earrings

Rusty Swing Lift- White CHEZ MOI-Limit 8-
Christmas Farm Tree Sign CHEZ MOI- Tres Chic event-
Kalopsia - Snowballs
Trompe Loeil Amelie cottage + patio with snow add on- Collabor 88-
Best weather system (Heavy Snow)
Botanical hedge- All season
HPMD Floor Grass
Skye Cliffs

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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