Majesty- Out of a Magazine (Growing Old)

Hello there! I hope all is well. I wanted to decorate a Trompe Loeil Build I have so I did! Cory Edo is amazing and she has always been so sweet to me. I haven't had to bother her all this year with anything I am happy to say. But if you know me I have damn near every single build she has made and I love them. I am doing something a little different today. I am using a Turnip Skydome for this space. I noticed most of the spaces I have shown more recently have all been ground spaces. I could have easily set this up on the ground but I like testing limits in domes. It's very versatile and easy to rez on a flat surface if you just want an easy surrounding/exterior. I don't want to have just grass in this space. So I have used cliffs, mountains and rocks throughout the ground to give it that texture. The dome is 120x120. I did not skimp on prims in this space yall. The oak trees are 30 prims (Land impact) each. Depending on the prim count you have these are worth the prims. They are stunning. There is also greenery from Trompe Loeil, HappyMood, *alirium*, Hayabusa designs and We're Closed. I have used many trees, shrubs and grass surrounding this home. Just when I thought I might be done rezzing greenery I kept on going until it was full and lush and screaming HELLO FALL! lol  As I decorate this build Cory has already released a new one. LOL I will be getting that one as  I am changing spaces to Fall decor in-world, finishing blog posts & working on my Fruitatious showroom so yall can see it asap. I thought I was finished but I looked at the first floor and had to gut it. LOL I have ideas and once I am able to get on here and finish it..I will post here!

My goal for this home was to 1. Have it in the sky 2. Have it feel like it was on the ground. Some people have to be in the sky. For different reasons. It's usually cheaper to be in the sky. But also sometimes if you even have your own personal parcel you might want to be far away from other neighbors or you might just hate seeing your surroundings down there. Doesn't mean you want to also take away the free feeling of being on the ground. I have a special place in my heart for skyboxes and I always challenge myself to continue to do better with them and let the home experience be just as alive in the sky! I don't get to decorate skyboxes often so I like to take it upon myself to challenge myself to do better. Many years ago I had to be in the sky with literally just a platform to be on SL. My comp was for my education and it was not for playing SL at all. As it got worse I couldn't even go anywhere without extreme lag and if I did I could barely move my avi in a store. But, that experience made it to where I know how to make many spaces less laggy. Your comp makes a difference of course but there is other things you can do if you cannot upgrade to a better comp. I lost that for awhile when I upgraded but I always had to decorate spaces for people who had issues with lag. Being in the sky helps. But, it has you give up the ground feeling which is what I enjoy putting back! Being here I forget I am in a skybox. Walking around on the rocky ground and mounds. It's relaxing. The more complex the space your comp has to rez all of these graphics. So, simple is always better. Hard to say that coming from me...but you can have a nice elegant space with simple things and still get that yay feeling. I have had a few new friends see newer spaces I have decorated and they say it looks like a magazine. LOL I tend to hear that a lot and I appreciate that compliment. That's how I got the title for this post if you were wondering. It really depends on the house and so many factors yall. I might do a post for those that want help with making the home less laggy.

I am posting bonus pictures to show more of the outdoor space so you can see more of it. It's pretty big and full of greenery and nice areas. No flat spaces! The credits are very long but I separated them by indoor and outdoor. When I tell yall I do not just decorate a room..I am not kidding! lol I decorate a whole house and everything. To just decorate a little space would feel weird to me actually. Now, don't get me wrong I can do a small room. I just like doing it all. LOL  I enjoy doing every space I decorate. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! My wifey whom is very detail oriented loved this home. I always get an honest....truly honest opinion from her. If something was not right she would tell me.When I tpd her she said she loved it and she couldn't even tell we were in the sky in a dome at all and I feel my mission has been accomplished! You can make your palace in the sky feel like it's on the ground. Here is proof yall. Thank you so very much!! I appreciate you stopping by. As I type this I am already working on something else so let's keep it going. Feel free to follow me on Flickr and bookmark me!! <3333 More things to come! Be Blessed xoxo, Ebony

                                                             Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Turnip's Skydome 2.0 (120x120) - Turnip's Homes


Trompe Loeil - Hudson Lighthouse + Base

Trompe Loeil - Adelaide Couch PG
Trompe Loeil - Topiary and Curtains-From Adelaide Pool House
Trompe Loeil - Adelaide Party Light Blue
Trompe Loeil - Afton Barrel Open

Trompe Loeil Mainstore-

7 - Turntable Boombox  TT-X9-1000
junk. potted tree.
junk. windmill light.
junk. cobblers bench. light.
Minimal Concrete table- Fancy Decor
O.M.E.N . Sleepy Bengal . In Bed - Gray
!Ohmai : 100 Years of Waiting Hourglass (Gold Dust)
dust bunny . mini heart pizza
NOMAD // The Sun & Moon
The Loft - Dakota Table Runner
The Loft - Chevron Fireplace Screen Gold
ARIA- Dido Vase With Lillies
[ARIA] Savannah Roman Blinds
{ V I N C U E } Furry+Carpet - Brown
{what next} Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray (Cream)
[Con.] NYC Scroll - Central Park & Brooklyn
[ keke ] twinkle pendel bright - maxi
[Con.] Regal Bookcase - Oak
BALACLAVA!! Hamilton Lamp (Ivory/Silver)
dust bunny . briefcase record player . blue
DRD arcade gift miniature Bastion Castle
[-BLUE SKY-] Golden Age Console
[Tia] Rebecca's Ball Topiary
{Petite Maison} Icarus Wall hanging
floorplan. carpe diem


Outdoor Area-

Trompe Loeil - Hudson Lighthouse + Base

Trompe Loeil - Garden Archway
Jian :: Wishing Well
CR (Cube Republic- Plumeria White
[we're CLOSED] grass field lush
HPMD* wire grass - green b
*alirium* DownyGrass [Green]
Hayabusa Design Trembles Tree M17-4 v1-1
HPMD* Shrub - ygreen*b
Skye Four Season Oak Tree
Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree Curved M1 v1-1 t1a
HPMD* Garden Tree08 - green b
Action Autumn Leaves [MULTI B][LARGE]
The Loft - Courland Outdoor Chair PG
The Loft & Aria - Rochester Firepit

Mainly in Bonus pics: 
:CP: (Cheeky pea)  Roll in the Hay Light String
{what next} 'Hello Fall' Tree & Welcome Mat (boxed)
{what next} Autumn Bicycle Decor
Fancy Decor: Davis Bench
:Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten G Base
Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree Platane Plane MX2-4 v1-3 T5
HPMD* Cliff Hill - green B

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious- (Being Remodeled)
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location- [Cynful] Location-


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