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Hello there! A new home decor post is on the way! Featuring booN-kura! Boo makes some beautiful hair but he also makes some awesome home decor, builds and etc. This office space comes in 3 colors and I am using the black version. This build is at the Creators Collection box presenting Matsuri event all month. It's only 29 land impact and original mesh content. I have been working hard to bring more home decor posts for this month and it has been a labor of love. I wish I could say I set these spaces up in a hour but I can't LOL! Luckily, I have my inventory in such a crazy way that I feel It's organized in a unorganized way. It's in a way that works for me. I do however need to organize my trees but that will be for another day! lol. I got happy with sunflowers today. There is something about sunflowers I love. The strangest thing happened one day when I took my lil dog out. I typically keep him on the same schedule and out of the blue a sunflower was by one of the bushes. Now, I don't know about sunflowers in particular...but I have no clue how one can be full grown within a span of a day! It was taller than me and I hadn't seen it before! Thinking back on it actually creeps me out. Maybe we have some magical soil! lol. This build is one room and the perfect fit for a small office space. I was going to put this on a road and add a path for the trucks to come from the bottom of the building. I am using that space for cars but it can be for anything. It can easily be part of a city or urban space....residential....anything your heart desires. It's just so versatile.

The Easy Like Sunday Morning sign makes me smile. It's from Kraftwork and it fits this space perfectly.Makes me think of the song Easy of course. I am not a fan of filling a very small space up too much and opted to decorate it to be easily walkable and more unisex with different patterns on the guest chair from Lisp and rug by the loft & Aria. The stars on the picture frames that are blue move. One of my favs from Blue sky. I added my own uploaded art onto the hustle frames from Pilot to give it a more custom feel. The office/desk chair is from Mudhoney and I love it. The textures are so nice and the animations are great. When I go into a furniture store I try out all of the animations.I am not the biggest avi but I am not small and some anims just don't work. Like the ones where your legs goes into your other one. I am not a fan of that pose at all and you can't adjust your leg out LOL. Maybe it's called prim or repose? I don't remember but I am not  a fan and most chairs have it. The string lights I use a good bit blogging, in my home, for clients and friends spaces. They are from Cheeky Pea as well as the string lights you see outside. I love love lights and these are my favs to use! The exit sign is from Nomad and I stretched it a little bit. So much you can do with this space. It doesn't have to be an office. It could easily be a studio with a lil sofa and bed but it's up to you and what your needs are.After all this is your secondlife so enjoy it. I hope you are enjoying these latest home decor posts and hopefully found something for your special places. I appreciate you stopping by! Feel free to bookmark me and follow me on Flickr if you choose. Thank you so much. Be Blessed <333

                                                         Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Site Office- booN-kura- Matsuri-
*booN-kura Japanese grandma A/C Unit- Mainstore-

Soy. Vending Machine [Cigarette]
Soy. Drafting Table
Soy. Painter's Stool (for drafting table)
Soy. Weeping Willow (high density)
:CP: (Cheeky pea) -Roll in the Hay Light String
--ANHELO-G01A4-168GA :: HIUMI Electric
--ANHELO-G01A2-168GA :: HONDA LP Gas Dealer
LB_ (Little Branch) Sunflowers{Field}
Apple Fall Buxus Ball, Large
Hayabusa Design Populus Serotina Peuplier HD-F Mstd3 v3-2a T1
HPMD* Garden Tree08 - green b
Hayabusa Design Magnolia Wada Geometry Curved M2 v1-2 T3
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge - Seasonal
[we're CLOSED] grass field lush
Botanical - Mesh Mediterranean Cypress [Mod Copy]
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
Pewpew! Swing Bench Hideaway
HPMD* Cliff Hill - green B

Site Office- booN-kura- Matsuri-
KraftWork -Easy Like Sunday Morning

NOMAD // "EXIT" Wall Lamp 02
Sway's [Laurel] Window Blind - wide . wood
-David Heather-Suit Display 2 RARE
LISP - Reclaimed Grandma Chair - Cottage Blue
LISP - Mesh - Jacob Desk 
[-BLUE SKY-] Constellation Picture Frame - HERCULES
[-BLUE SKY-] Constellation Picture Frame - URSA MINOR
:CP: (Cheeky pea) - Taylor Hanging Light String
[NikotiN] Tuber Machine - DIY
[NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen - Money Bundle Clean
[NikotiN] Ashtray City
MudHoney Jerry Office Chair - White
MudHoney Pen Cup
Soy. My Laptop (no code type)
TA Majestic Wall Lamp
Soy. Water Dispenser [Black]
PILOT - Hustle. Frame
ARIA & The Loft - Llias Rug
Fancy Decor: Durer Lamp

Bonus Picture: 

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