Majesty- The Little Kitchen

Hello there! Happy Monday! New home decor post featuring Heart Homes/Aphrodite shop with this cute little kitchenette! It inspired this space today. Not everyone has space for a big kitchen and this fits the bill. It texture changes to several different colors. It's only 9 Land impact. It is so cute and you can cook different meals on it. My fav is the pancakes. lol  I love all kinds of food but there is something about "Breakfast" foods I love the most. I can eat a waffle at midnight. I just don't care about what time it is. LOL  I chose to texture the kitchenette blue! I added the flower barrels for a pop of color but still keeping a more rustic feel to the space. I have been decorating all day and took a break yesterday to do NOTHING. Rare days yall. One thing I can never say is I am bored. I am never bored on SL. It's always hilarious to have a friend get in my box talking about they bored. I can't relate. LOL. I am always on here doing something. These skateboard lamps are so cute and they are from Nomad! I added little stars on the floor also from Nomad to get a lil whimsical feel with the lil pets. I might use some of the items you see in the revamp of the fruitatious showroom so don't be surprised to see them again in a future post.

I always have new favorite items that are so versatile I use them in many spaces. This dining set is from Fancy decor. The cool thing is as you can see it can be in a more casual rustic environment and fit well...OR it an be decked out with some blingy decor for that sparkly feel. I did add some sparkle to this space as I couldn't help it! LOL These chairs are awesome. The style is one of my fav dining chair designs in rl. Some have a big wide back to it like a wingback style. I like this version also. If yall think my love for decor stops in sl are mistaken! I go nuts in furniture stores in rl. There is so many nice ones around here but I love Homegoods the most. Why? because you never know what you will find and when you find some awesome unique item you feel like you have won the lottery! I might have to post the cabinet I got for my nail polishes on here! LOL . Anyways, I am rambling. I was going to put more things on the counters but you need the space to cut vegetable and prepare meat. So I left it without the normal clutter I would put all on there. Of course if you like having lil odds and ends on there there is nice enough space.

There is animations for the whole family. There is a PG version and a family version. It's so cute. :)
I just love adding Jian pets to spaces. I am sure yall have noticed. They just bring a nice homey feel to any space and they are so realistic. I bought the Luxebox for Jian, Scarlet Creative & tarte. Just got my box. Those 3 really made some awesome things this round. Maybe I will incorporate these items in some new spaces in the near future. But, for now I have to go and get back to work! Thank you so much for having a look. I try to keep my blog as updated as possible. You can also keep updated by Flickr. I still have more to show you of course so stay tuned!

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


<Heart Homes> Kitchenette - PG -1.0 - On9 event-

NOMAD // Skateboard Lamp // Silver
NOMAD // The Moon
NOMAD // Scattered Stars 01
Fancy Decor: Abigail Dining Set @ Collabor88 (c88)
Fancy Decor: Blossom Cake
floorplan. welcome home chalkboard
floorplan. string light pallets / grey
PILOT - Barrel Planter
tarte. wine ladder
JIAN Pudgy Persians & JIAN Pudgy Persians *SOI* Grubbin' Cat
[Kres] WildHeart Rug
[Merak] - La Casa Azul

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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