Majesty-Black & gold Pt.Two

Hello there! Time for part two of my black and gold short series postings! Today I am again featuring this lovely updo from booN that I am not taking off anytime soon! It is not easy to find an awesome updo but this is truly a lovely must have one. I am in a chill/music mood so my boom box is the best add on for me atm. I am just sitting here getting some things done while listening to some music. Getting started early on some things and about to start my spring cleaning in rl. I like to start early and plan ahead for things. It keeps me organized. Otherwise I am all over the place. I have on a new tail but you can't see it in my shots. No, not a neko tail but it is so unique I had to have it. I guess I will have to feature it on a later post so you can actually see it. My shirt dress and shoes are from Apple May Designs and they come in several colors. I of course decided to wear the darker ones today.
Most of my jewelry is from RealEvil and I love their jewelry. I wear it so much in my posts you might think I blog for them but I don't lol. I just like the quality and options of colors. It helps me dress in a way I like quicker and more efficiently.  The lanterns around me are called ethereals and they are really pretty. I only rezzed two and you get some nice options. They move or you can rez static ones like I have here. I am all about colors and moods and feelings when I dress and when I take pictures. They have to capture the mood I am going for or I go crazy trying to get that feeling. Enjoying this week and time/moments. I thank you for stopping by! I always  really really appreciate it. I have something in the works for the near future. Another project I will get to post to you when I am done. SO please stay tuned I like posting series back to back as my schedule allows. xoxo, Ebony

                                                       Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Cold out (Outfit) And She's so fancy shoes- Apple May Designs-
Hair- Lab.004 hair - BooN- Hairology event-
Jewels- Realevil Industries & Yummy
Boom box- Remarkable Oblivion (RO)

Bird Cage- Kalopsia
Trees- Hayabusa Design
Grass- KIDD grass
Particles- HPMD
Ethereals- The Real

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