I dream of a Bakery...

Hello there!!!! Happy to be able to bring you a new blog post today! I am featuring Kalopsia! We all have gacha fever! I mean it is so addictive! Even when I go and say I will only hit this machine once....I never do! lol These lovely pastries are a part of the gacha key -La Marquise de Paris There is several rares but of course I put the biggest one in the middle of my bakery! It is really awesome. You can never have too many cute things. This is true proof of that. I am glad I was able to catch up on some blog posts this week. But you can never plan ahead for unscheduled maintenance. The other week put me back but I managed to get back on the saddle and get up to date with everything! I am in a dreamy mood today so it inspired me to have a more dreamy edge on my post today. I hope you like it. this month is going by so fast. When I was little time seemed to go by so freaking slow. But now it seems to be on fast forward. To some it might be a good thing but no...at this rate we will be old and crusty in no time! lol Oh wait that was rude..talking about crust when I am showing my bakery filled with awesome food!  I just got sidetracked! I hope everyone is having an awesome week and enjoy my newest posts.  The inspiration continues...

Please feel free to bookmark me and visit often. I also have a facebook and Flickr. I have more in the works but at this rate it might be 2017 before yall see it!!!! Or when I have some extra time to myself. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by! I hope you find something that will be perfect for your space. Thank you so very much!!! xoxo, Ebony
Note: The gacha set was at the Chapter Four event and it is now over. But I bet Isabeau will have it available in her store soon. I was going to go on to my next home décor post since the event is over, but I love love this set and I wanted you to see it! I will add a link to her new store below. 
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
La Marquise de Paris gacha- Kalopsia
Clouds, fairy curtains, dream lantern (stars)- +Half-Deer+
Casolare table- The Loft
Cafe Table- Apple Fall
Darya dining chair- Trompe Loeil
Bakery sign- Dust Bunny
Wall lamps- TA
Candles- Bazar
Chandeliers- Abiss
Cluster of bulbs- [keke]
Rug- Vincue
Shabby cats- Tree (Rare)- Birdy- Epiphany event


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