Into The Woods Pt.One

Hello there!!! I am bringing new posts back to back! Excited to feature this lovely Cabin from Aphrodite shop today!  It is truly beautiful and ready for Winter! It looks small but is very spacious. For part two I will feature just one of the rooms from upstairs along with some furniture of course. Snow inspired this post as it snowed here today. It was here and just as quickly it left. I have groceries so I was hoping for a blizzard! lol. I really love snow. Just not the ice part. That is where it gets not only messy but dangerous on the roads. But icicles are very pretty to see. I will be playing catch up the next so many posts as I have so much to show you! You are going to be seeing more home décor posts and fashion posts. I would say both are equally hard for me. I keep going until I am happy with the finish product to since I am a perfectionist/picky person. Sometimes it can go on for many many hours. I just have to show the mood and feeling that I see in my pictures. I do hope that you enjoy my posts and will bookmark me and come back often.

I cannot post every single day. I am always in amazement at my friends and my lil bbg that post not just once but several times a day. That is truly a job. They work hard and they do good work. I am not that type of workhorse. If I posted everyday not only would I get burned out easily but I don't think I would be able to put as much heart in my posts. I just don't work that way. But like I did a few days ago, I will update you and keep notice to when I will take breaks or be away for some time. It makes me excited to know that so many people enjoy my posts. It truly means so much. Well I am not going to ramble too much I have stuff to do. Thank you so very much for stopping by! I appreciate it. <333 xoxo, Ebony

                                                  Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Alpine retreat (Cozy House)- Aphrodite shop (Heart Homes)-
 Snowmen & Snow ground- HPMD
 Alchemy Rocker- Lisp
 Hot tub- The Loft
 Trees- 3D trees and Hayabusa Design
 Grass- Fanatik

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