Majesty- Inspiration Pt.Three

Hello there!!! I am keeping the posts going today! I am featuring of the areas in the main downstairs living space today. The new York wall décor was the inspiration for this sitting area along with the warm colors on it. It made me feel so warm and cozy that I even put down my cute shiba inu doggy who is also as you see...warm & cozy! lol I like having spaces that look and feel lived in. Comfort is the key and also the use of space. I am really big on being able to walk around a space without stepping on things or walking on them. I just feel so nooby when I walk on a piece of furniture at random! lol I tend to go crazy with sofas and chairs in the main living space but sometimes just one is enough. This chair is from "we're closed". I think it is made as an outdoor chair but it also works for the indoors and the built on table on the side was perfect for my new plants from Kalopsia. I love having greenery in every space.
I took a side angle shot and I wasn't sure exactly what kind of angle I wanted to be honest with you. But I liked having a peek a boo of the camel outside so I chose this one. I added pillows from Kalopsia and the one in the middle is from one of my chairs. I love modding stuff and putting things in different places. You also get to see some of my new gacha items from the Tag gacha event. I love o.m.e.n fairytale décor. I go nuts over them. That pot is actually a pot of gold. You cannot see in it from here but it is so cute. Also from the store and it was free. I am done showing this space but I am not done showing this house. Please feel free to have a look and come back as there is more parts to this series! I thank you for stopping by!

                                                 Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Old wood house, Hanging drape, Balloon gift, Old flowers, Basket with cloth, book pile, chandelier, storage boxes, Tan buttoned pillow, Mapple frames & Tree bark table- All made by Kalopsia

Wooden sofa- [we're CLOSED]
O.M.E.N - Fairytale Villains- Tag Gacha
Pot' o Gold-
Shiba Inu- +Half-Deer+
Fiber Rug- Apple Fall
Stockholm&Lima: TV Tray [Stache]

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