Not Today

Well hello there! The weather here has been very rainy and cold! I am here at Apple's Fruitatious sim for this blog post. Feel free to come down to the sim and take pics or just relax. She has a Halloween event coming up soon so stay tuned for that. I plan on making the sim look spooky lol. If it was just cold outside I would be just fine but the rain has killed it for me lol. It has been raining for days now and while I love good sleeping weather this is just a little too much even for me. I am wearing this amazing new dress from the store for the Mix event called Night Fall. The exclusive duo colors will not be available after the event so make sure you stop and pick them up! I am of course wearing the white one today. I am also wearing one of the many new hairs from booN. This is truly my new favorite. I love Egyptian styled things and this hair reminds me of a royal Egyptian during the King Tut era actually. I also love how it frames my face and the detailing and textures are amazing as usual. booN has released so many hairs recently that there is something literally for everyone male and female. So make sure you go and have a look.  My style today is totally killing the hourglass thing. lol It wasn't what I set out to do but it works lol.  I am also enjoying my newest owl I got from the RO machine at the Arcade before this round ended. You can never have enough pets.

I am loving these shoes from Reign. They fit perfectly. The only thing I am missing is a hud to change the hardware. That is the only thing I feel they are missing. So I just wear them when I am in a silver mood. I actually got some like these in rl recently but they are gold. I am really into gladiator type shoes and I just couldn't pass these up! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I truly thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

                                                        Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Night Fall (Duo Colors)- Apple May Designs- Mix Event Exclusive-
Hair- booN-
Shoes- Reign
Jewels- RealEvil Industries
Owl- Sept 2015 Arcade- Remarkable Oblivion
Location- Fruitatious (feel free to come down)-


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