Halloween- Who stabbed the Queen?!?!

Hello there!!! I of course said yesterday I would be blogging more from the Trick or Treat event and I had to deliver. I am also setting up Apple's store for the upcoming Sad November event! SO be on the lookout for that later. I might steal a pic when I am all finished lol. The Trick or treat event ends tomorrow and you must run down and get everything. ALl items are priced from 0- 25 Linden. Yes, that is correct. Everything is basically freebies! Of course I wanted to show Apple's item which comes in white or black and I am wearing the black. This dress comes complete with many sizes, high quality textures and a knife in your gut! lol You will get noticed trust me. I have been wearing this all day and it seems before people even rez my avi they rez the knife first!!! lol. SO very fun of course. It is only 25L per color! I had a few poses with me passed out on the floor but getting pictures at that angle is a pain in the but for me atm so I am going this route! The beautiful cake pictured with me is a wedding cake on the gothic table from Aphrodite. I wanted something elegant but yet dark to go with my theme and it fits. Of course it's edible! With one click you can have a cake slice or fork!

I wish everyone an awesome weekend and I hope you get to enjoy Halloween and get all the candy you want. If you are a big kid or have lil kids lol. I thank you so much for stopping by! Go to the event now or regret it later! After tomorrow don't have the long face people. I will leave the tp info below of course. I appreciate you. Thank you <3

                                                     Stay Fierce* Stay Blessed

Mystery- Halloween- Who stabbed the Queen?!?!  Answer: No one it's just a costume ( No one is that crazy) lol <333


Dress- Girl next door- Apple May Designs- Trick or Treat exclusive- 25L- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fruitatious/230/144/23

Halloween Wedding Cake & Gothic table- Aphrodite shop- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shopping%20City/236/40/1000

Hair- Little Bones
Jewelry- Ryca & Mandala
Grass- Kidd Grass
Trees- +Half Deer+
Shoes- N-core
Poses- CnS


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